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Sea To Summit Sleeping Bag Liner

Lighter weight much more compact and warmer than fleece liners. I’ve had the same 1 for about 10 years(Sea to summit Reactor 10) and it is truly the only piece of gear I use on every overnight trip, regardless of season. It gives a way to add some added warmth to your sleep technique with no breaking the bank. The initial liner of its type the Reactor Thermolite Mummy Liner from Sea to Summit incorporates Thermolite material from Dupont.

Thermolite is a hollow-core fiber that supplies extraordinary warmth for its weight and remains incredibly breathable. And if you sleep warm, a sleeping bag liner may well be adequate to get you by means of the warm temps. Based on your intended use, the Sea to Summit Coolmax Adaptor Sleeping Bag Liner compliments most sleep systems without you obtaining to sell your soul. Even though I had no complaints about making use of this sleeping bag liner when I was hiking the Appalachian Trail, I don’t think it really is a entirely required portion of your set up. Ultimately your gear is going to stink, even if you take preventative measures.

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Immediately after a extended day exploring, slide into this climate-manage moisture-wicking sleeping bag liner. The liner adds up to 15 degrees F of warmth to a sleeping bag or, when utilised alone, is an perfect warm climate sleeping bag. Sea to Summit markets this liner as a solution that can be utilized by itself or as component of a layered technique. But if you sleep warm, using just the liner for your sleep system is an alternative.Sea To Summit Sleeping Bag Liner

But if you sleep warm, making use of just the liner for your sleep system is an solution.

Can be employed on its personal as a warm-climate bag. The Sea to Summit Reactor Sleeping Bag Liner is created from Thermolite, which is a breathable hollow core insulating fiber. The Sea to Summit CoolMax Adaptor Sleeping Bag Liner is both efficient and reliable. With the use of CoolMax fabric, the Adaptor Sleeping Bag Liner wicks away moisture, assisting offer a comfy night’s Adaptor liner can also be made use of as a stand-alone sleeping bag for hot camping trips.

Aids maintain sleeping bag clean. Adding a sleeping bag liner to your set up brings your warmth level up a notch without the need of forcing you to get a complete new bag. Produced of soft, stretchy, and lightweight CoolMax polyester, this liner will retain you at the ideal temperature all evening extended. If you happen to be organizing on taking your sleep method out for an extended hike, adding a liner in the course of the cold nights could possibly do the trick.

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Adds up to 15°F degrees of warmth to a sleeping bag. If your sleeping bag isn’t rather warm adequate to take on the chilly temps, the adaptor provides a cost-successful resolution. I have a 20 degree zPacks bag that I had hoped would be a excellent balance among weight and warmth but, desires a little enable in the winter. I’ve identified the combo of bag liner and 30 hammock gear UQ is feather-weight sleeping technique that I can use to nights as low as 45-50 without having challenge.

Sea To Summit Sleeping Bag Liner – It offers a way to add some added warmth to your sleep system without breaking the bank. And if you sleep warm, a sleeping bag liner may well be enough to get you by way of the warm temps.

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