Monday, May 03, 2010


After writing this, this morning, about giveaways....I find myself in a totally ironic position... Check this out. I feel very sheepish, actually! I didn't tweet, or grab a button, or post about it or facebook about it. LOL!

I am a facebook 'fan' of CT Publishing - and have become a member of their Creative Troupe (still figuring out what that all means)

I'm quite excited to receive valuable learning materials!



  2. Haha. That's FUNNY! I'm a member of the Troupe too. and have no clue what that actually means or entails...Fill me in when you find out!

  3. Congratulations! Looks like you are going to be having to teach us now.

  4. Congrats!
    In case you didnt get my emails, I have been trying to contact you for months reqarding your Dec 7th blog. please contact me at

  5. quiltedogg- in case you read here instead. I have emailed you several different times. The first time your blogger settings did not allow email replies. I also had put instructions on my blog giveaway winner announcement for you to email me your mailing address. The next two times were when you emailed me a couple of months later. I replied back to you via the email you sent me requesting your mailing address. I have emailed you two times today, once as a 'please send me your address', and once explaining how often I have tried to contact you, requesting your mailing address, again.


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