Wednesday, February 21, 2007

New posts

I'm dredging up a new funny post. It's milling around in my mind. Stay tuned. :)

Went to the wet coast this weekend, and wet it was! It was so gorgeous..the smell of the trees and the dampness. Funny, but I never thought I'd appreciate it again. We (a group of a few of my girlfriends) chilled out in a cabin in Tofino, right on the water. I love them to bits, it was so nice to regroup and rekindle what I have missed.

Urge for my hometown still exists. More confusion in my head...need to sort it out.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

The cold has finally melted me.

We have been talking lately about moving back home to the wet coast. We love it here in the cold prairies, but we're really missing our friends and family back home. It wouldn't be a quick move, but rather a plan to get back home in the next year to 2 years. DH will be fishing for placements with his company on the coast, which will be good options, and I, well... I really am flexible with what I want to do. I love my teaching job, but I still love the option of other careers, other things. Ethan is going to Kindergarten in the fall (!) and it would be nice to be able to be there along the way with him. I'm going to work on NOT working..maybe tutoring or teaching music classes on the side for wee ones. If we move, we'd make a killing on the house we have right now, and yes, while it's expensive on the coast, we don't mind living out in the burbs, even a little further than we did before. Financially, we've made huge strides by this move, and while some people might think of us as crazy, we've sacrificed a year, possibly 2 or 3, and financially saved ourselves 15-20 years on our mortgage.

When we reflect back on all the things we've been doing and people we "socialize" with, we've been pretty much living our lives here, but socializing with our west coast friends and family. All the phone calls, emails, blogs, and chatboards, are all with our friends back home. Weird huh? So we'll see what comes of it.

This is strictly in the works right now, and maybe we'll change our minds in the near future, but I'm not so sure.

I'm positively THRILLED and ELATED about the idea...when the idea came "out" my homesickness surfaced and intensified. I dunno what's happening to me. I think I'm going nutso.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

I'm here!

I'm doing well, and out of my woa is me phase again. Sheesh, had to dig out of that one! Feeling good again.

I have a ton to blog about, but not a lot of time right now.

I went to my first roadside cafe, as in, hicksville gasoline station restaurant. The artwork on the walls was dusty and faded, the dusty pink walls were dingy and grey. The early 80's vinyl back chairs were in fine form, and the menus were showing age. We went for lunch, my work group that is. A fine bunch of 10 women we are, and I had the honours of being the guest of honour, for it was my first time to Brookville. I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich with fries, and literally, it came exactly out as I would have made myself. Wonderbread, kraft cheese, cut in 1/2 with a pile of baked fries on the side. To drink? A bottle of diet coke from the gas station cooler...not even a straw offered, nor a glass to pour it in.

I was in heaven. My first real hick experience, and I loved every minute of it.