Monday, August 31, 2009

Winner of Charm Packs....

True Random Number Generator

Wow, this thing is tricky!    As I'm typing up this post, I notice that I can actually change my result manually...  don't worry, I didn't, but I'm not too swift with the random generator cut and paste thing.  

Congratulations to #2 -
  Blogger  Beth  said...

Love your blog! A great giveaway -I don't have any Wonderland so I would LOVE to win these "charming" packs :) Congrats on your blogiversary too!

9:11 AM

Please send me an email with your mailing details and I will mail these off to you!

Thanks to everyone for entering in for a chance... you had a 1 in 29 chance of winning, which I think was pretty good!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Giveaway Day!

I knew you were all swarming back and forth waiting for my post!

Here it is.  Not one, but TWO Wonderland by MoMo charm packs.   I really thought about giving away only one, leaving me with more to play with, but need two packs to really do something with them!   Here are some ideas and inspiration for your charm pack creations at ModaBakeShop are the details.   You don't get extra entries for subscribing or referring or blogging about me.   But, you can definately do that if you want!! 

Just leave a comment and I will choose a winner at random. Hopefully I can figure out the random generator thingy, if not, it's the name in the hat deal.  

I will choose a winner Monday morning, August 31 by noon, MST...depending on how the first day of school events go.   From the vibe I'm getting...all will go totally well!

Good luck!  
**giveaway now drawn and complete!  Congratulations #2 -Beth!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Blogiversary to Me!!!

Happy Blogiversary to me....  It's my 3rd year blogging! Holy moly!
I've started my blog as my anecdotes of moving to and living in Alberta.  I started working in a rural country school, and had so many interesting days...commutes included!  My language was pretty free in the beginning, be warned, and many of my commentaries were  about Snot and more snot,
and of course bodily functions
and my all time favourite student moment, not favourite student, but favourite moment

After working became a little too stressful (and my frequent sickness was doing me in!)  I decided to quit work and be a stay at home mom for a few years while I could.   My blogging became more random, and then once I discovered quilting, well, you know where my blog has focussed on now. 78 year old dad is in town right now and I've snuck on here to celebrate.     I'm going to do a giveaway tomorrow, as I can't get down to my sewing cave, as that's where my dad's stuff is. forewarned.  A giveaway tomorrow...and probably a good one too!  Don't worry, no Canada trivia this time LOL!

I'm just so happy to have found something I really love.   I wish I had more production happening, but the pace is right for my life right now and I won't be a slave to something I enjoy.  so my blog isn't as crafty and filled with photos on a daily basis...but you get the flavour of me just fine.       Well, maybe not my philosophical flavour.... but meh.  one day.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Construction parallels quilting...

well...somehow I had to tie this together!  I'm so darn proud of myself!  My dad is here for the week (that's another story.  Let's just say I love my dad, but he's going on 78, refuses to wear his hearing aid, conversations are not conversations but rather monologues, and conspiracy theorist)  

Anyways, back to my story.  We needed to fix a few dry rot boards on our little deck, as well as redo the steps because of dry rot.  My husband is NOT in any sense of the word a handy man.  He can't even hang a picture.  The blue and pink jobs in the house, are all mine.  So, I had a blue job.   I seized the opportunity to get some guidance from my dad (as dh has vowed to get this done since May...*sigh*)  and I did it all by myself!!  He helped me pick up the lumber, showed me what kind of screws to buy, and voila! does this tie into quilting?  WELL!  measure twice, cut once.  Make sure seams match up perfectly, and things are squared up and level.   Now my "machine quilting" will be the coat of paint that I slather on next week to make it all new and blue.  

And the best part???  It was all done before hubby came home.   I think he was pretty humbled at my blue job completion.   

To tell you the truth though, as much as I LOVED using the saw and the power drill,  my nails are ruined (even though I don't have a manicure) and my hands much prefer the soft fibres of cotton and the hum of the machine, to the screeching of the saw and hammering of the nails.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Phrase of the day: 85% off

Need I say more?  These are last year stocks.   No, they are not from my LQS but a chain.  But hey, how can you even turn your eye on $1.50 per meter?   They are tight weave, quilter's 100% cotton (not craft cotton quality), and will make some gorgeous Christmas quilts....  I can't believe I spent $17 on 10 meters of fabric.   Especially when I have supported my LQS at $28.95 per meter on backing minky fabric.  Several times.    I deserve this break.

Guess where I'm off now?  Another location to scout out more.   I think I heard the chant "hoarding" coming from you all.  You're just jealous. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Baby Quilt

It's a touch smaller than a baby quilt, so perhaps I should call it a stroller quilt?  

Minky furry stuff on the back to cuddle with.   These were left over blocks from another baby quilt I made back in January.    Can you believe I still have left over blocks?  I could have made this quilt bigger by using more of them, but I get all caught up with symmetry sometimes, and couldn't use them because of that. 

I'm terrible at labelling.  Have not done any labelling on any of my quilts yet.  Nor have I named them.   My type of naming is like this.   This one would be called:  the smaller stroller quilt I made that had the left over blocks from baby jesse's rail fence quilt.  LOL.  

When I give them as gifts, I put a little note card inside with the washing instructions, and always, always put the following:  "runny noses and sticky fingers allowed.."   I love that.

New Treasures...

I picked up a new (to me) coffee table from craigslist yesterday.  We purchased a crummy cheap one from home depot last year, that literally peeled and fell apart.  I couldn't stand it anymore.  We were holding off until we move to a new home (whenever that may be!) but this pleather ottomon style table came up for $70 and I snatched it up.  It's like new and suits our home nicely.   I didn't photograph it, as it's holding a Cars vs Dinosaurs showdown right now in the living room.  That, and my kids are still in their underwear.  They don't do pyjamas for some reason. Well, they do..but they are peeled off within minutes.  Do yours?  

The same people however were also selling a quilt stand which I happily snatched up for $20.  I'm really happy with it!  It's in a corner for now until I figure out where to put it.  Isn't it nice?  Now, I feel like a REAL quilter.  haha!

My little guy turned 4 yesterday! Happy Birthday to the sweetest dude ever!!

In gardening news... here's what I learned about planting seeds willy nilly and too close together.  My photos aren't the typical bloggy goodness I've been reading about this week...the abundance, the growth, the mega sizes.   nope. mine are a little, er, special.   I've never grown carrots before, so I'm still quite pleased with myself that something actually grew in my garden!    The baby tomatoes are exploding everywhere...just waiting for them to turn red

My post about thread the other day hopefully didn't sound too grumpy.  I was frustrated.  This was the 2nd project I've really battled thread issues with.  And not just quilting, but piecing too.  I will attempt again.  With a different brand as some suggested (if I can find it here!. May need to online shop)  I've just finished a baby quilt for someone and another is in the cutting stage.  Why don't I do baby quilts more often. So refreshing and quick!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Thread anarchy

Dear cotton threadmakers of the world,
Please, please please, can you please make a thread that doesn't break, fray, shave thin and then break, or fluff to bits for me?   This happens whether I am on the machine, or sewing by hand. Is this a ploy to get me to buy larger spools?  Because I need to since I go through so much of it. Is this a ploy for me to try sister brands or competitive brands?  Because I have and they are all the same.  I even spend the extra bucks at my local quilt shop.    I'm tired of it.   I'm moving to polyester.  

Dear cotton thread advocate quilters of the world,
Please don't judge me for using polyester thread.  I realize that the extreme strength of my polyester thread will far outlast my cotton fabric, thereby eventually causing rips and tears from the needle holes where the thread has travelled through.    I realize that my quilts will not be considered heirloom quilts and be loved and adored by someone 50 years from now.   I hope not.  By then, the dust mite issue will far outweigh the heirloom issue., and well, just as fashions change, so do quilt styles.  And if I actually got that famous to become an historic heirloom quilter, you can note this in the history books - I switched from cotton to poly in 2009,  creating a movement of polyester thread using quilters!! 

Dear sewing machine and sewing needle makers of the world,
Please make me a sewing machine that will not shred, shrivel and stretch my cotton thread.  Don't patronize me with the spool or bobbin "tension" spiel.  The only tension issue I have is the tension headache that has evolved this afternoon with my quilt and thread issues.

Dear Readers,
If you have found the miracle thread, please let me know. 

Otherwise, Guterman Polyester it is.   I've used it for years faithfully on everything else needle and thread related, and it's been a peanut butter and jam friendship ever since.   In fact, I want one of those incredible rainbow mega spool boxes of it.  Just for me. 


Sunday, August 09, 2009

Google reader discovery, and random thoughts trapped in my head.

Holy moly.  Where the heck have I been?   I just discovered google reader.   Well, I've heard of it, but just never took the time to figure it out.    I read people's blogs almost every day.   It's time consuming to go from each of my bookmarks to their blogs, load up all the photos and then to find out there's nothing new.   

I think I've saved about an hour of unnecessary work each time.   I've loaded up all of my approximately 60 blogs that I follow, and voila, it tells me when and if there is a new post to read.  This morning?  Only 2 to read.   How much time is that!! Wow!  I'm so thrilled about this.

Little things keep me entertained I tell you.  I'm a cheap date.

Does this mean I should go and find more quilty blogs to read? hmmm.  

I'm also thinking of joining a bee.  not sure yet.   

Very homesick to move back to BC right now.   I look at photos of my old home and tears well up.   :(   It's time to move back.   I miss ethnicity, sushi, indian food, old friends and family politics.  I even miss higher taxes and being mortgage poor.  Well, maybe not that.

My husband has now programmed two COUNTRY music stations in the van.   If that isn't motivation to move back, I don't know what is.  LOL

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Good to be home.

I can honestly say that I'm not a whiner or a complainer but vacation this year wasn't as good as it's been.   Hubby pulled out his back (probably from luggage) and for the first 3 days he was in alot of pain.   Then, hubby's sisters and spouses and children descended upon gramma and poppa's house, and it was a zoo.   I was a little freaked out over the lack of boundaries and some behaviour issues with the other kids.  It was a real eye opener as to the different parenting styles within my husbands siblings!   It was nice to see them all, but we're quickly reminded at why, as families, we live in separate homes ;-) 

 Dh also developed swimmers ear which became an ear infection and he was "out" again for 3 days at the end of our trip...he needed to go to emerg twice to get pain killers it was so bad.Is it wrong of me to insert a little comment about men being poor patients when they're sick?   Being Canadian, the system is a little whacko with the insurance thing (omg I'm so glad to have medical like we do in Canada)  so we need to get the paperwork and costs straightened away.    He's still not well.  And me, while he was in his own little sick world, I was fighting off a cold, which has manifested itself nicely into a full broncial chest/head cold today.   Just call me barky.  So we've had quite a few blips this year.  All in all, the trip was nice...just really busy and a little stressful.  I'm glad to be home.  

I'm glad to get cracking on a quilt.   Before I do, I may just make a bag first.    I'll leave you with some beachy thoughts... this wasn't intended to be a whiny post.  

1. discovered continuous spray sunscreen.  omg why haven't i known?
2. chocolate covered pretzels with toffee bits  sprinkled on top.  dude.  
3. little boys grab themselves. its a universal trait that i've finally recognized as a male trait, not just a grown male trait.  LOL
4. Carolina sand has a remarkable sense of finding it's way into nooks in crannies that make you wonder...
5. crocs really need to be kept to the children.  please.  
6. swimming pools make my legs look shiny all day! 
7.palmetto bugs crunch when you slam your child's croc on them.  
8. conversation at pool with a man from kansas city - quote from him, but please say this with a very thick drawl and imagine a balding, shaggy moustache and bearded man with hoarse cigarette voice... "yeah...myrtle beach is pretty american.  We call myrtle beach the redneck capital of the east coast it's so tacky and typical redneck".   If only he knew how redneck he sounded to me, the little ole Canuck! LOL
9. you can call me sugar, honey, sweetie pie any time.  just don't say uh huh after I say thank you to you. 
10. Waves, no matter how big or small, always soothe and calm the soul.  Watching them, feeling them, hearing them washes away your worries...