Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Muffins are GONE just like that.

Hey ho, I'm off work again. If it's not me sick, it's someone else in my family. So I have to take time off work. Whee.

So I made muffins today. And to my realization, I just had the understanding of how people say you go through a lot of food with a family.

Never really realized that until just now. I just finished pulling out a batch of 12 oatmeal choc chip muffins from the oven about 20 minutes ago. How many are left? 6. Yes SIX. And if my experience serves me right, one of them will be hobbling into the computer room with his green plate showing me it's empty and he'll say ah dun. Meaning...I want more.

So then, it's onto 5 muffins. And of course, they're humming my way too..a little pat of butter on a fresh hot muffin...can't beat it.

So yes. In under an hour my family will polish off the muffins. Trent should be home in about 15 minutes, which we then know the fate of the rest of the muffins.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sick yet Again!

We had a 2 week hiatus from being sick. Yippee! And onto another bug. Kids have a cold, I'm getting it, and Trent has it too. Only bad thing is that Trent has a stomach flu on top of it. I'm sure that's going to run it's way through the household.

We have never been so sick in our entire lives since moving here. Trent especially. He never gets sick. This year? 3-4 stomach bugs and colds frequently. I now just monitor the healthy times I have. Such as the last 2 weeks of feeling good. Well, scratch that. I had a minor nausea bout last week for 1.5 days. Couldn't scarf anything down, nor could I move as swiftly as usual.

Oh well, we're keeping the kleenex and toilet paper industry in business.

Sounds like a bunch of bitchy postings about my health. But fuck, when you're constantly sick as we have been, you tend to get bitchy.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Spring Break

Our Spring Break is a week later than others, I don't know why, but it is. Nonetheless ,we are heading west bound to our wet coast again. I'm excited to stay there for the week and really soak in what we are missing. Perhaps the traffic, congestion, and dampness will turn us off and we'll be happy to stay in th frigid prairies.

Perhaps not.

The sunrises this week have been outstanding. I drive directly east into the sunrise which is a bitch when you're trying to navigate the road. But, becase the road is straight, I usually stare off into the rolling hills and the snow covered fields and watch the sun rise.

The snow is melting quite a bit, as we have a warming trend happening. Thank god. I cannot wait to see grass again. although it will be all brown and dead. I think what people here really appreciate is the distinct seasons. When the grass finally sprouts green, and the trees finally burst their leaves, we are transformed into a colour world again. It really makes you appreciate the spring when arrives.

However,...I sure miss my hydrangea at this time of year on the west coast, beginning their blooms of periwinkle and fushia. I miss bold red of the azaleas in my parent's yard... I miss the cherry blossoms creating a pink blanket on the green grass.

I'm coming home!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Country Schools

So I'm setting up this talent show for the school, and I had all the kids who wanted to be in it, audition for it.

The difference between a country school and a city school is great. For one, I've only got 1/2 the population as normally occurs in a city school. The TYPE of performances are so cute.

Grade 1 student wrote a poem called I Love School, which she will be reciting.

Singing? All the singing gigs are COUNTRY songs.

Dancing? Not a heck of alot of these. But the ones I have, are not the lates rap song, top 40 or r&b ditty. The dances are to KIDS cd's. Crazy Frog, Kidpop and Raffi. What the???? I was expecting some really good funky dances like I've seen before. Girl groups with their heavy makeup and skimpy outfits on...just like in the city.


and for instrumentals? I have the token piano pieces that one would expect, and GET THIS... I have a BANJO performance!

Gotta love it.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

I stole this post because I can't stop laughing at it!!!

OMG my friend has the best posts on her blog, and I have to steal it over here to post it for a few of my readers to read. I didn't ask her permission, so if I get in shit, I get in shit. I LOVE this post.

You know, when it's dead at work, the question "what's with your voice?" gets really old, and you just can't wait until Friday? Then, when Friday arrives, you come home and see what terrifyingly godawful condition your house has somehow arrived at, and you're bitten by the MustCleanItNow bug while simultaneously making dinner and fending off the "what's for dinner" questions from a 4 yr old who would eat sandwiches morning, noon and night if you let him make the family meal plan (ha! meal plan. Like I have one of those!). And, when you dare to drag out the vacuum to suck up the evil dust bunnies that are taking over every nook & cranny available, your husband makes a comment about how his nerves are almost shot and he runs for his personal hidey-hole. This, after he managed to go on a 4-day ski trip (free) last weekend, then worked a whopping 1.5 days before taking his leftover 2006 vacation days (that he didn't know he had. Dumbass.) to recover from the stomach flu and what can only be called the weeniest "cold" imaginable. Then, after you've managed the least amount of sympathy that classifies as being polite, informed both children they will not receive any more food this evening because they didn't eat their dinner, washed the dishes, and started the dishwasher, you're expected to listen to your husband bitch about poker.

The Wet Coast

Here are some pics from my Tofino trip....sigh

What a rejuvenating trip. If I could live in this place...I would love it. Only thing is, it's a 3 hour drive to a local mall. I don't think I'd survive that. :lol:

My boys

Mommy - I love you so much. Mommy, I just love you so much I can't stop loving you.

I just love having two children. I never thought in a million years what the benefit to having two would be. I love watching my two boys making each other laugh, and most of all, soliciting play with each other. Hearing the giggling come from Cameron's room in the morning, when Ethan has snuck in adn crawled into Cameron's crib, seeing them in their skivvies because Ethan has stripped them both down to their underwear and playing with the toys, is ridiculously rewarding.

It's definately alot of work, and often I'm pulling my hair out because one is always at me..... but the last few days have been very awesome. Love my boys.