Thursday, March 15, 2012

Piecing Batting - success!

I've pieced batting together before - the long way. Until I discovered this dynamic stuff:
It's called Heat Press Batting Together. It's basically just a super thin piece of interfacing with glue on one side. Rather than stitching your edges together, just lay this thin ribbon down the seam line and press. Awesome.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Candy Gems

This has been done for awhile, but there has been a furbaby seeking my attention a lot these days.
This is backed in minky dots, which quilts up really well. Fear not the minky people!
I probably wouldn't bind in it again, as it's very thick, but for a little 3 year old, this will be the perfect backing to cuddle with.

I dropped the quilt in the snow...well, rather, the wind blew it off the there's snow all over.
I quilted just the white parts of this quilt. I kind of like the effect! Click on the images to enlarge for more detail.

This is what is taking up my time. I mean, really he looks so gorgeous and innocent here, but right now he is tormenting the cat and taunting me with every.little.thing that isn't glued to the floor.

I haven't introduced him to my sewing space downstairs yet. I'm afraid.