Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Quilting Christmas Wishlist - giveaway too!

Okay everyone...this is pretty basic.   We're all posting about gifts we're giving to others. Now for once, let's be greedy little sewists and post what we WANT for Christmas from our loved ones.   No, I'm not talking about love, peace, family time.  I'm talking tangible items that will help our loved ones find a gift that we will love.    See?  We're still giving and helping others, only this time, it's ideas for us.... 

Last night, my dearest husband was asking me what I'd like for Christmas.  I told him to go to a quilting shop and find things there.  

 *blank stare, blinking quickly*  
Kind of like me when he starts to talk about some kind of hockey play.   LOL.

So,  in honour of my dear husband, spouses, family members around the world.  Let's make a list of desired crafty/sewing/quilting items that we would love to have under our tree.  Tools, accessories, fabrics, threads, organizers....  I'm going to state the obvious - yes, we'd all desire a new machine, let's get that out of the way! 

I'll keep this open until Tuesday evening, December 1. 
I will compile a wishlist for you of all of the suggestions, and post it on my blog, by Wednesday or Thursday. I have no clue how big or little this may turn out.

Please come back and see what others are wishing for.  Perhaps there are some ideas that you hadn't thought of.    Trust me, your family and friends will love you for this!

**If you have links or websites, please include them.  I'll link them in my final list compilation.  Any suggestions, please email me!  I'd be happy to hear from you!

Now go. Get to it.  Make your lists and check them twice!   Andrea's going to giveaway to someone who's really really nice!   

*giveaway you ask?  yes...something nice.  Perhaps a few fq's. Haven't decided yet.  

Friday, November 27, 2009

Sewing Gift ideas in unexpected places

In Canada we have Winners and HomeSense.  I think in the US, your related stores are called TJMaxx and Homesense/HomeGoods.

Go to the stationary/books department, and scour the shelves.  There's unbelievable deals there.  Look what I found! I was so surprised to find these at this store.  They also had beautiful knitting books and kits.   

This sewing kit was only $5.99 !
The Cath Kidston items reminded me so much of Amy.  And then when I was 'thinking' of picking it up, the music in the store played the song she used to have on her music player on her blog "She is Love".    Oh my gosh, if that wasn't a sign for me to pick it up for her, I don't know what was!     So, I sent her one.  They also had a kitchen list magnet pad, and a home decor organizer/planner in the Cath Kidston line.  So cute! 

I also found this Amy Butler Sew-It Kit for $6.99.  It came with two fabric pieces and a ton of patterns, as well as a sewing guide.   Such a cute gift for that price!  But it's MINE! All MINE!! 

Christmas Gems...

My quilt top is finished, finally.   Does anyone quilt like this? 
Turn light on to sewing machine..
Mom, can you change the wii game for me please?  (go do it)
Sit back down. Sew a seam, a partial seam.
Mom, can you help me with this part of the game?
Cat is trying to get under, er, rearranging my layout.  
Forget to put iron on. Wait for it to heat up.
Phone rings upstairs.  
Sew another partial seam.
Mom, I'm hungry.   
Iron is on auto shut off mode now.  need to wiggle it to heat up again.
Mom!!!  I'm dooonnnneee!  (going to the bathroom...needs 'help' if you know what  I mean)
Iron seams.
Go check clock.   Shoot - we need to run and pick up big guy from school!
Turn iron off.  Machine off. sewing goes in snips and snippets.   But, it's my life, and one day, I'm sure, I'll be wishing for the little ones 'needing' me all the time.   

Next, need to quilt it together, and deciding on a binding colour.  Red? Green? Dots?

Monday, November 23, 2009

It's just all wrong...

I'm really happy with my sewing skills and how it turned out.  Quite proud of the way the collar turned out and everything.  But it just doesn't look good on me.  If I had a professional fitter, perhaps to give it more shape or something.  Perhaps (well, I know for sure) my body just doesn't look good lately, and this doesn't flatter me.  It's boring.


I do have a backup outfit to wear.   I had a wonderful pity party with myself last night, after working all weekend on the thing.   Beating myself up over the fact that I used up all of that time and nothing to really show for it.   Anyone need embroidered taffeta?  

So, it's confirmed.  I do not like sewing garments.  At all.    The cost of clothing is well worth the price, and the time consumed constructing a garment.  I think in the back of my head I knew this project wouldn't work.  But I plowed through anyways.

I guess I wanted to see if branching out from quilting may be something to explore again - I used to love sewing clothes as a teenager.  Not anymore.    I love those cute bags that everyone makes, but I'm a solid colour leather/pleather kind of girl.  Back to quilts.

In other news - if you have PAX tires on your vehicle or plan to get a vehicle with PAX tires.  Don't.   What a load of crap.   Three sets of pax tires now on my 07 minivan.  With only 60,000 miles.   They only last about 20,000 miles!  

Question - while at my LQS the other day I was perusing flannel.   I asked the difference about flannel there vs my other fabric store that sells flannelette in those cute kid patterns.  I got the eye roll and lecture about quality and pilling.    Is this true?  

Truth be told, in my Christmas quilt (pics soon!) I used a combo of LQS prints and big store prints and could tell a difference in the hand of the fabric, the density of the weave, and the slight stretch in the cheaper quality stuff.   So I was just wondering if anyone had experiences, good or bad with flannel vs flannelette.

*sigh* I need to lose weight.  This insulin thing has made me gain weight back quite rapidly over 6 months.  My "move to Edmonton" weightloss was not really weightloss, but me being very sick, and now that I'm getting healthy again, so is the scale.  :(  Feeling very upset and low self esteem about it lately.  Anyone know how to get out of the funk?   oh yeah. my treadmill.

wow...verbal topic diarrhea today!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The ADD of my crafting life

I have a Christmas 'gala' to attend on Friday.   After shopping at a few stores and not really having luck, I decided that I would sew taffeta.
Pray for me, please.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Suki has arrived!

Everyone...please welcome my newest family member, Suki.    I adopted her from my neighbouring province, and she's beautiful.  She found me through the Juki Yahoogroups....someone couldn't use her anymore and went on to bigger and better machines. The owner thought I may be interested, since I posted my interest in purchasing new locally and couldn't find a Juki dealer.

Suki arrived here at 9:30 am.   It of course is a story in itself.  

It's a week off for the kids, so we've been slow on getting ready in the morning.  Naked in all my glory, about to step into the shower, the doorbell rings.   All I hear are the stomps of the rush of two boys feet (with only underwear on) on the hardwood and the clicking of the dog's nails...and the announcement barking.   The stampede to the door.   I'm upstairs shouting DON"T OPEN IT!!!!  I"M NAKED!!!!!     Panicking...of course, because anyone coming to the door is a novelty. Still.    

I rush to put my jeans and t-shirt underwear or bra *shudder*  Imagine.  No. don't.    I greet the mailman, finally, and you can see the confusion in his eyes as he had to wait a minute or two with two underwear clad boys and a dog smooshing their faces at the side door window, waiting for me. 

She's here! I can't wait to try her out!  

My boys are very excited... they want to find out what that red button on the speed control foot is all about (the thread cutter)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Keeping it real..

I so aspire to be one of those sewists. You know, the ones who whip out a project a day? It isn't happening here. I'm in awe at how many projects they complete. They obviously don't have healthy television habits like mine - Days of Our Lives, Oprah, Oz, and the news...Glee, Ugly Betty, and 90210 just entertain me. ;-)

I have been busy though - while I wait for Suki to arrive.

I have a Christmas quilt on the go, and I tried, tried, tried to replicate my wallet which I love. I need to plan and measure better. But I did end up with a little wallet - a tad too small for my cards, but I decided it would make a nice pantyliner keeper for those just incase days. You know, when you want to have a happy period.

Did I just say panty on my blog?
and period?

Monday, November 09, 2009

Thank you, Cherri!

Awhile back, I entered a draw for a giveaway on Cherri's blog.
I actually won!  Okay, I milked it for all it was worth.  It was getting to the point where I believe  I'd never win a thing!  LOL.   But seeing these colours together and the cute owls, I just imagine the coolest little sleepover set for a wee one.   So, instead of saying I'd make a quilt and bag...I detailed everything!  Here was my comment:

I would make a "night owl" sleepover set.   I'd need a little extra dark brown chenille for it...but here goes my idea>  I'd make a nightowl backpack/messenger bag style made of dark brown chenille with flap pockets made with the coordinating owl fabrics.  The straps would be done in the solids.  The main flap would also be done in the coordinating owls.  Inside would be a night owl quilt - a cozy soft quilt made of all the fabrics -and backed by a cozy soft chenille or minky in the matching chocolate brown colour.  If I can swing it, it would probably be quillow style, folds into itself.   The night owls would be watchers for the sleepover, just incase the wee one is a little anxious, nervous or worried about the sleepover.  Kind of a security comfort blanket...but the owls are night watchers and can 'watch out' for the scary things like new noises, new shadows, etc. because of course, owls are nocturnal and stay up all night so you don't have to.   Of course, with my night owl kit would come a coordinating comforting night owl stuffie made by me, that would tuck into one of the pockets of the backpack.    
And as this idea came to fruition...yes, i would totally design and make this to show off if I won it!  What a fun project to do ;-)

I thought it was a cool idea, and so did Cherri.  So, thank you so much Cherri... and YES I will be making this!  Oh my gosh, another for the list.     By the way, have you seen Cherri's quilt patterns?  I want to make every single one of her patterns.  In the solids, of course. Because that's what I really really love. 

Friday, November 06, 2009

It's coming...

It's coming soon... I can't wait!  Does this officially make me a quilter?  I wonder?
I'll leave you guessing.

No photos today.  I've been sewing a storm though.  I'm on a destash campaign.  No fabric purchases allowed at all.  (except white)

Photos soon...lots going on in life right now, it comes in big waves, and right now we're in a big wave.   BIG.  

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Trick or Treat... Jedi style

So no quilting...but the costume was on my sewing machine this week.  That counts right?

I'm pumped for creating this week...I can feel it.  Hopefully I'll have some progress pics for you this week!

Enjoy your sugar hangovers!