Friday, November 27, 2009

Sewing Gift ideas in unexpected places

In Canada we have Winners and HomeSense.  I think in the US, your related stores are called TJMaxx and Homesense/HomeGoods.

Go to the stationary/books department, and scour the shelves.  There's unbelievable deals there.  Look what I found! I was so surprised to find these at this store.  They also had beautiful knitting books and kits.   

This sewing kit was only $5.99 !
The Cath Kidston items reminded me so much of Amy.  And then when I was 'thinking' of picking it up, the music in the store played the song she used to have on her music player on her blog "She is Love".    Oh my gosh, if that wasn't a sign for me to pick it up for her, I don't know what was!     So, I sent her one.  They also had a kitchen list magnet pad, and a home decor organizer/planner in the Cath Kidston line.  So cute! 

I also found this Amy Butler Sew-It Kit for $6.99.  It came with two fabric pieces and a ton of patterns, as well as a sewing guide.   Such a cute gift for that price!  But it's MINE! All MINE!! 


  1. I've never seen Cath Kidston at TJ Maxx, but I will certainly have to give it another look. you going back any time soon? I would love that Amy Butler kit!! Thanks for passing this fantastic find along!

  2. I am definitely going to go check it out! Thanks!

  3. I also picked up 2 of these Amy Butler's sew-it kits as well at Homesense last week - one for a gift and one for me :) Love that store!!!

  4. Thank you Andrea! I love it - your kit is so fun and I'm glad that you are keeping it :)

  5. Anonymous 3:11 AM

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