Friday, February 29, 2008

Winter Makes for Weird People here on the Prairies

Jane - the following is not at all about you. :)

Why can't I meet some normal, down to earth people that don't have tons of baggage, or bring their lifes problems to the table all the time? Am I the only one around here who is somewhat happy with my life, my kids, my marriage (aside from living in this crazy city)?
I'm totally in a rut of boredom and non-engagement lately (winter has taken its toll on me), but part of it stems from the fact that I'm so frustrated with not having NORMAL people to engage with. Most people I have met here are just so freakin weird!!!

I'm taking a break from one of the forums I frequent...people there are starting to appear nutso. Or maybe they always have been, and I'm just really noticing it now.

I'm better off dis-engaging. I'm just so sick of not knowing normal people!!!

Is it the petroleum refineries that are polluting the air around here, theerby destroying people's sense of reality????

I'm venting, but this is freaking weird!

Maybe I'm the crazy one. Probably.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Start Spreading the News!!!

I'm leaving May 14-20

I'm going to New York City!!!! A girl's week with my friend Lorena!

I need hotel b&b advice!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Having a blah week since getting back from BC. Trying to get back into sewing, and can't seem to get my mojo back. Hopefully soon though! I've done a few scrapbooking pages in lieu to keep up with my crafting. Nothing special, but something nonetheless.

So blah though...I have no energy to do much. I'm fighting a cold though which I've been using ColdFX as people have recommended. Well, it seems to put it off for a few days, and then the cold symptoms start to reappear again...then I coldfx it again, and a few days later it comes back. So, I'm ditching the meds. I'm sick of fighting off a headache daily and the pressure in my head and the weakened body feeling. I'm going to let this cold take its natural course.

My guess is my blahs are due to returning back to reality here. Perhaps it's the cold as well and my body just isn't up to it's normal self.

it's not pms so I can't blame it. I'm going to try and force myself to get productive again today and hopefully I'll conquer this funk! There's just way to much of life that is passing by right now!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Well, it snowed about 10cm again last night, and it warmed up to about -10ish. The wind was blowing a bit, so I'd say it was colder than that, but it was nice enough to bundle up and go outside for awhile. The kids absolultely love it, and it's kind of like a massive dirt pit for them, as they dig, plow and play for a long time. Mandy loves it out there too, and can't get enough of play time when we all are outside. Even Shatzi came out for awhile, but gave me a bit of attitude when I covered him with snow. He then proceeded to go inside again. Party Pooper.

I rarely get good pics of Mandy, but finally snapped one that I love.

By the way...look at how Ethan's nose has healed! You can barely notice any redness anymore!
Cameron has a scratch/puffy eye from falling into a sit-up bench at my sisters, FIVE MINUTES BEFORE WE LEFT FOR HOME!! unreal.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Us!!!

Two years ago, yesterday we moved to Sherwood Park from Coquitlam, BC.... I've experienced 3 winters now (hopefully my last?) and 2 incredible summers. Can't beat them here!

We are so grateful for the experience this has brought us. As much as we want to move back, we have absolutely no regrets. I think the Alberta landscape is incredible. If I could mix the two lifestyles together (Alberta space and terrain with BC forests and waters + BC friends/family) life would be perfect. No one can ever tell me that it's flat here...I love the rolling hills and am in love with the canola fields with the black thundercloud backdrop....And the big sky ...

As Dreary As Rain Can Be

As dreary, dark, damp and cold as it can be, it sure was beautiful morning, the sun decided to peek out and shine through the treetops at my sister's townhouse. This is her living room and kitchen view. The pictures truly don't have that same quality as the smell, showcasing the mist and the sounds of the droplets and the stream next door rushing by...but it was something spectacular. I wish I could have captured the droplets on the branches better and the mist forming..

And this photo, I just HAD to take....Real Canadian Superstore's Garden Center is getting ready to open..look at the flowers! My heart skipped a beat when I saw these all ready to go! I so miss having a spring season...I miss the heather blooming, the crocus peaking out and the hydrangea about to bloom the beautiful blue balls of flowers. *sigh* I have to wait until at least mid May here to begin any garden. :(
When we went for a walk in the woods, even though it was soppy and was so much fun! I loved the bark mulch squishing and the smell of the woods...the moss on the trees.. I missed feeling wet and soppy after being rained on. It was glorious!

*disclaimer. Yes I know it was just a visit and once I was living in that rain I'd be complaining about it all the time. But when you don't have it for 2 years, you really do appreciate Mother Nature's best and worst features.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Happy New Year to my friends! It's Chinese New Year, and the celebrations are underway!

I contributed to the festivities by buying some of my favourite asian things at my favourite supermarket T&T. I know we have one in Edmonton, but the one here in Coquitlam just seems better for some reason. I frequented it more I guess, because I lived so close! I bought some of the little pearl shaped cookies for the kids, the ones that are made with cornstarch and literally melt in your mouth. Also bought coconut cocktail buns (OMG DON"T EVER TELL ME THE NUTRITIONAL LABEL ON THEM!!) a bbq pork bun, some sushi, steam buns, Pearl Tea (strawberry flavour) wasabi peas.... can you say indigestion later? :)

I'm going back tonight to pick up these adorable chinese tea mugs with the tea strainer in them. they looked like handmade pottery, and were 2.99 each. I was in a bit of a hurry with the kids and Trent waiting in the car, so I couldn't really decide.

It's been a fun visit so far. A little stressful the first day or two while we "settled in", but now it's great. Passed by our old house, which the new owners have totally let it slide. I'm guessing they're renting. Been looking at neighbourhoods we want to buy in (yay!) even though it's not for awhile yet, but still nice to get a feel for it. Mandy is having a blast with my dad's yellow lab, Tina. Good god she's a huge barrel chested lab though! Mandy is a shrimp beside her! And of course my dad is in dog heaven. He walks those two so proudly each day.

My dad looks fantastic and is keeping busy with his new friends. I'm so relieved to see that :)

I've been having so much fun visiting with my friends, and getting a healthy dose of connections. It feels so good.

Tonight not sure what we're going to do. Tomorrow is visiting with my dad again, as well as sneaking in a brunch with Trent's grandma, even though Trent will be skiing....I'm sure she really wants to see her great grandchildren.
Saturday I'm going down to theMossom Creek Hatchery where I used to volunteer a few times a week for a few years way back in the late 80's early 90's. Some of my co=horts have recently been volunteering there again with their own children, so I thought it would be great to take my kids and show them around. I'm sure Ethan and Cameron will be amazed at the 100,00 coho and chum eggs and alevin right now!

I'll post later...just have a million thoughts swirling in my head right now.

I took the most amazing picture this morning of the sun's rays shining through the dripping wet evergreens...the mist, the rays, the dewy droplets. It looked like one of those religious pictures. I'll post them when I return to Alberta. I needed Jane's macro camera, gosh those would have been amazing pics then

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Theresa, I'm in Port Moody...and of course, I don't have your phone number..I know the prefix, but that's it! And of course, I can't access or find your email, and this is the only place I thought you may read!! Email me at my telus email, and I'll call you back. I'm here though, and hope we're still on for Wednesday!

Everyone else... I'm in BC for the week, visiting friends and family. The smell of the trees here is incredible!! I so miss it! I never got to post about it because it was last minute, and on Friday before we left, we were delayed and interrupted by Ethan smashing his face into the corner of the coffee table... which resulted in the all day excursions to the medicentre and then children's hospital. Ethan received lots and lots of stitches from the plastic surgeon in and up (a long way up) his nostril. He's much better now, but is a bit swollen and turning a few colours that are now surfacing. Plus he's a little numb and looks like he's had botox to his upper lip region. I hope that's just swelling and not nerve damage! again soon, most likely when I get back on Sunday!