Tuesday, February 12, 2008

As Dreary As Rain Can Be

As dreary, dark, damp and cold as it can be, it sure was beautiful too....one morning, the sun decided to peek out and shine through the treetops at my sister's townhouse. This is her living room and kitchen view. The pictures truly don't have that same quality as the smell, showcasing the mist and the sounds of the droplets and the stream next door rushing by...but it was something spectacular. I wish I could have captured the droplets on the branches better and the mist forming..

And this photo, I just HAD to take....Real Canadian Superstore's Garden Center is getting ready to open..look at the flowers! My heart skipped a beat when I saw these all ready to go! I so miss having a spring season...I miss the heather blooming, the crocus peaking out and the hydrangea about to bloom the beautiful blue balls of flowers. *sigh* I have to wait until at least mid May here to begin any garden. :(
When we went for a walk in the woods, even though it was soppy and mucky...it was so much fun! I loved the bark mulch squishing and the smell of the woods...the moss on the trees.. I missed feeling wet and soppy after being rained on. It was glorious!

*disclaimer. Yes I know it was just a visit and once I was living in that rain I'd be complaining about it all the time. But when you don't have it for 2 years, you really do appreciate Mother Nature's best and worst features.

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  1. Those pictures are so lovely and remind me of back home. There is no Spring here and I miss it very much!


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