Saturday, November 25, 2006

I did it!

Go me!!! I figured out how to post links to others' blogs! Yay! Scary to think that I took computer programming in highschool and first year university. My times have changed. I feel like a complete moron looking at the codes now! Part of me wants to surrender to the techno change and just plead helpless, but the other part of me wants to still be in the game.

Well, at least I figured this part out. :)

It's over

It's over. I'm going cold turkey. My toffee addiction must come to an end. Will stop today.

Watch for signs of bitchiness.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My boys - testing a few features here...bear with me

My boys.....I still am in awe that I created these monsters beings from one little cell in my body.

Go me!

ColdFucking Cold

Today was very cold. For some reason, as a teacher, I have to supervise three days a week on my lunch hours outside for 1/2 hour. Not bad to get some fresh air I guess (more on my gripes later) Today was fucking cold. I was already cold inside, and therefore when I put my big unfashionable mountain gear parka on, it did not keep me warm at all. I needed a balaklava, however the fuck that's spelled. My face was frozen, I wore a hat. But my cheekbones and my lips honestly were so cold that they stiffened up.

Wahhhh.. whiny bitch I am.

And onto bitching. I have NO breaks at school right now and I'm getting resentful about it. It'll calm down after the concert at Christmas, but I'm festering already. Both recesses are taken up by "auditions" for the play...leading into next weeks practices for the play. My lunch hours 3 days a week are outside supervising. The other 2 lunch hours are leading my choir kids in their practices/rehearsals. I basically wolf down 1/2 my sandwich...or eat my cereal cube by cube WITHOUT the milk because I'm in a hurry. The rest of my days are spent chowing down on caramels for caloric intake only.


My newest favourite? Toffee and caramels. The chewier the better....limbers my jaw up, and a nightmare for my teeth. Luckly, I've only got one possible filling that could come out. heee hee My pockets always have a few in them. Not good for me. at. all. My pack has almost emptied, this included tootsie rolls of all kinds which were just the left over halloween candy...bute toffees were so favourite being the rum flavourited ones. Must. ween. slowly.

Also my favourite and newest daily after school snack....smoke oysters and smoked mussels. A whole tin, in one sitting. Not that huge, but well, it's so yummy, how can you leave 1/2 a tin behind? Ah such a pleasant breath which I'm sure DH appreciates when he kisses me hello.

Saturday, November 18, 2006


For crying out load I just want to figure out a few things here and my brain is so technically inept , I can't.

I want to be able to show a "cross out" feature, as if I'm crossing out a word. Not too important.

Also want to link to others' think I could manage that?

doesn't help that I have whiny-touch-everything-I-can-to-piss-mommy-off hanging off the desk here.

will make my blog nicer someday. *sigh*

Uh yes...another SNOT post

Dear student,

If you have a cold, you need to blow your nose. No, you don't just squeeze your nostrils as if you were wringing the juice out of a lemon. You need to BLOW. Yes BLOW. OUTWARDS. That would prevent your 3 inch long snot slime from appearing before US in the middle of our guided reading lesson. No it is not polite to cover, scratch that, WIPE your nose with your polar fleece sweater arm while I offer you a kleenex.

Now onto blowing. Blowing frees the sinuses of extra mucus.... you know, the stuff that you keep snorting back and swallowing? This does, indeed, offer me an excuse not to be hungry, but I really don't care to visualize the amount of mucus in your sinuses.

I love you lots, and love to read with you, but something about the slime.

Mrs. H.


Tuesday, November 14, 2006


All my life, since the beginning of my periods I have never experienced PMS...nor have I experienced cramps, etc. Maybe the odd headache and cravings for food during my period, but not mood swings, depression, anger etc.

After my 2nd child, I feel like that has changed. How can that change? I don't know if it's PMS< but it occurs about a week before...I've been tracking for a few months now, because I find myself in a rage at times, and I look down at my little pill package and lo and behold it's about a week before the bitch sets in.

I find myself getting very upset at things that dh does, and my anger threshold is very little. I really have to control myself in front of the kids, especially ethan, as anything he does can trigger me to yell.

Could this be pms,or is this just the stresses of life taking over me? How do I get rid of it? I do not like the person I morph into around that time. Need to give warnings to dh about this next time.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Ugly Betty

Last night's episode, again...totally relate to. She had to review a posh upscale hotel in New York. There she is trying to use outlandish language to describe her adventure, and yet she personally would use "nice, fun, beautiful, good, excellent" VOB words, as I say to my kids in class... Vague, Overused and Boring. She was trying so hard to "fit in" yet it just wasn't her thing.

Her clutzy antic this episode made me rewind 4 times to watch it over. She backs up to sit into a "chair" and the chair tips over and she gets trapped in it.

In other news, my Remembrance Day Assembly went off very well....lots of misty eyes in the audience... ah...that's the sign I did a job well done. Only thing I didn't like, is that I was so involved in the process that I couldn't relax to take time and "remember" like I should have.

5 day weekend. Report cards on the horizon...will tackle them on Monday. Haircut this weekend, and we're going to "rocket run" as Ethan calls it, to go sledding. It's a 5 minute jaunt across our neighbourhood...a little bunny hill perfect for kids sledding...and not a huge workout to climb up either. :)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ice is slippery. Get it?

Jesus fucking thing I've learned in the last 3 weeks of snow/ice is that some people who drive here think they're invincible on icy roads. Especially the ones with pickup trucks. The road sign says MAXIMUM speed 100 km/hr you jerk.... so if conditions are slick, then slow the fuck down. There has not been a day that I haven't driven past a car/truck in the ditch on my way to work. know when the road has snow on it, and there are shiny, bumpy reflective mirror like patches on the road at -15 celcius? Um yeah! That would be ice you gimrod.

Since getting my new vehicle, I feel much more confident on the road but that doesn't mean that I'm invincible! I''d really like to travel at my 100km/hr speed limit again soon....but I'm not an idiot, and won't put my self in danger. I'd rather take an extra 3 minutes to get to work thank you very much.

Pass me if you think that 85 is too slow when there is no pavement showing on the road. I'm sticking to slow. I can't fucking see where the middle line is, nor where the grey cement is...nor where the road becomes ditch.

Slow and steady wins the race.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


i've lost a lot of weight. I'm complaining about it though, because i hate to shop for myself for clothes. What's frustrating, is that this is my 3rd round of buying clothes for myself because my pants are literally sagging everywhere. yeah yeah, complain say. I should be rejoicing, but it's a pain in the ass when you finally found nice fiting pants and they're all too big. I bought a belt and hopefully I can extend their use. Stacy and Clinton from WNTWear say to have things altered by a tailor... I may just explore that for the pants I have. I have some awesome Levi's that I'd love to get altered.
Must beware of the halloween candy that i've been devouring this ass may just fit the pants if i keep going like this.

finally, I've found a store where I don't fret about the prices, and they even have tall pants there. oh...and big deal for me! I fit their regular sizes! I fit the13 pants, and the xl tops. Go me! That's down a couple sizes from last year for sure. Anyone who's shopped the plus size departments know what a milestone this is.

Need new bras too.. my girls have shrunk. Yay for that... but boo for bra shopping. can that get any worse that swimsuit shopping?


bought a new one. we were considering a used one, and then decided to get the new one, because of the financing deal (1.2% over 4 years...a steal if you ask me on financing) anyways.. we got a pathfinder. it's a big mofo truck. I like it.

been a few hairy days of driving here.. the minivan is okay...and would actually be fine with snow tires probably. But where I work, I take a big highway out's 4 lanes 1/2 way there...and then goes down to 2. Well for somereason, as soon as we get to the 2 lane hwy, it's like the roads clam up and all the road work/sanding/salting ends there. The rural road i need to take is only 2.5 km from the main hwy. unplowed, un salted. unsanded. a sheet of ice. Not that a pathfinder will save me, but I'm sure with the 4x4 mode, it will be a definate help in the crazier days.

always wanted a 4x4 anyways. most likely will handover the keys to the minivan in a few months anyways...the lease is almost up.

crap computer

crapped out on us over the last week and a bit. and of course, being a busy place, we didn't get around to figuring it out until just this weekend (ish).

Up and running again... all my bookmarks gone, sigh, and all my addictive username and password places are gone and forgotten. for now.