Friday, November 10, 2006

Ugly Betty

Last night's episode, again...totally relate to. She had to review a posh upscale hotel in New York. There she is trying to use outlandish language to describe her adventure, and yet she personally would use "nice, fun, beautiful, good, excellent" VOB words, as I say to my kids in class... Vague, Overused and Boring. She was trying so hard to "fit in" yet it just wasn't her thing.

Her clutzy antic this episode made me rewind 4 times to watch it over. She backs up to sit into a "chair" and the chair tips over and she gets trapped in it.

In other news, my Remembrance Day Assembly went off very well....lots of misty eyes in the audience... ah...that's the sign I did a job well done. Only thing I didn't like, is that I was so involved in the process that I couldn't relax to take time and "remember" like I should have.

5 day weekend. Report cards on the horizon...will tackle them on Monday. Haircut this weekend, and we're going to "rocket run" as Ethan calls it, to go sledding. It's a 5 minute jaunt across our neighbourhood...a little bunny hill perfect for kids sledding...and not a huge workout to climb up either. :)

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