Wednesday, May 04, 2011


tap tap.


I'm here. almost FIVE months later. Here's the lowdown. If you're interested in a sewing post, move on.

I started running.
I took a break from running.
While taking a break from running, I gutted my master ensuite and renovated it by myself.
My husband got a job. In a different city.
I put my house up for sale.
We have a pending offer on it.
We went to Disneyland.
We went on a Disney Cruise.
I am moving to Calgary in about 2 months.

I puttered and beautified my garden and house to sell it.

As for sewing. Nothing. But lots of ideas. I'm hoping that once things settle, do they ever? I will begin to sew again. My creativity misses it.

Next on the agenda-
start running again.
confirm sale of house by end of week.
call movers, get quotes.
be even keeled for kids and appear calm and organized while husband moves to new city to start new job.
pretend that i don't miss him terribly.
enjoy better weather.
find new home in new city. (husband is in charge of 90% of this. I will visit to say yes or no)
eat icecream daily to appear calm and organized while husband is away.
celebrate 40th birthday.
reunite as a family.