Friday, November 23, 2007

Okay, so adding pictures to your post after it has been published doesn't seem to work. This is a closer view of my quilt. It's called a rail fence, and is probably one of the easiest quilts to make. I took the class though, to learn about the cutting tricks and techniques, as well as the piecing and sandwiching/quilting aspects. I learned alot!

The picture of me I posted from the farm... i felt so incredible in that fresh air and open space, and I think it kind of captures that.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Granny Andrea

I like sewing. I took a quilting class this fall. Here is my almost finished produce. It's machine pieced, and machine quilted, and all I have to do is put the binding on. Er...that could be awhile. I hate hand sewing and it's the one thing I need to do.

The colours are off in these pics and i can't figure out how to take better ones, aside from bringing my quilt outside in -10c weather. So here it is. I loved the colours at first, and now that I've spent way too much time with this quilt, I am not a fan. It will reside in my basement family room.


Recently I have been introduced to farm/acreage and horses. I love them. Each experience I left feeling like I found my home, my place to be.

The first was our neighbour's farm. They farm barley, wheat, oats and peas. It was could see for miles, and the sense of freedom and peace out there was amazing....

The other experience was at our friend's horse boarding farm. She boards her horse near Calgary. We were on a trip back home from the Rockies, and stopped by for a visit. I'd never been WITH horses before, and we went out to the field to get Floyd. Well all of the horses started following and surrounding us. It was incredible. They were right near us and it was beautiful. A little frightening at first!

The open air, the wide open space, the chill in the air, the dirt. So great.

Can't seem to post the damn pic right now, but will soon/

Outfit Complete

What an absolute hellish day of shopping. I struggle with the concept to spend money on something that I will wear for one night of the year. I don't know. I've never been one to spend alot of money on clothes, nor have I ever had the desire to have alot of clothes.

So, I found an outfit. I bought a fancy jacket for 89.00 which I could technically wear at another time if need be. I bought a fancy sparkly black turtleneck sleeveless top for 20.00 which doubles as a suck me in undergarment. Yeah! I picked up a pair of pants, and then remembered I probably had dressy pants at home, so I returned them. I have heels to go with the outfit, and I'll pick up a pair of sparkly earrings, a bottle of hair colour, and then I'm done.

I feel cynical about the whole thing lately. People dressing up for this "gala" night for dh's work. How totally not me. Let's dress up and show off and see who's the best dressed and best looking of the night? Who's the trampiest? It all brings back alot of old memories of me trying to feel like I need to fit in. And then there's the concept of being the "director's wife". or the "boss's wife". Trying to look good for my husband to look good for his employees. Puke. Anyways, I'll look good, not flashy, not trampy. It's only one night right? Don't get me wrong, I like to look good, but sometimes I wonder about the whole thing and my personal demons make a big deal out of nothing at all.

Feeling rather down in the dumps the last few days. I'm feeling lonely and uninspired. I have many projects to do, quilts, sewing, drapes, school project for Ethan's class, painting the boys' rooms. but I slump onto the couch and stare off out the window. I need friends.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Holy Moly!!!

Please excuse my hiatus from blogging. Life has gotten the best of me. And I don't feel guilty about such a long break either! I feel however, like I need to document my swirling thoughts more often.

So, dusting this thing off.

I really don't know who or how many people even read this. but it'll be fun to revive.

I have an intense urge to buy a new coat and new boots. It's the cold weather. I will be doing so this week.
I also need new bras, socks, pajamas and a robe. I also need a pair of jeans, and a christmas outfit for a work party of dh's.

To go along with that, I'm sure I'll need new jewelry, pantyhose, slimming undergarments, etc. And my hair done as well.

Crap. This is going to be expensive.