Friday, September 28, 2012

Is it possible???

That quilting from bottom of the quilt to the top can cause thread breakage?
When I quilted from TOP to bottom, the breakage was way way way less.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


 Thanks for the suggestions yesterday...none of them helped ;-)  ha!  I put a hammer in my photo to show my frustration.  I have 13 more 14" blocks to quilt.  It's slow going.  I'm thankful that I have no perfectionist ways about me right now, as I'm not burying threads nor am I hand tying them.  I'm double stitching them and snipping.  There I said it. 

 In other news Jasper is growing like a weed and making himself part of the family.  ahem.   How can I say no to this face?
I received my order of fabric from  and it is lovely.  I'm making a quilt for my sister in law.  She choses the fabric line:  Shadow Leaves by Cynthia Coulter.

Truly, I do thank you for giving me tips that have worked for you.  I recall a period of time awhile back when Juki was acting up.   Today I want to trade her in.  But it's either winter tires or a new machine.  And I quite like Juki when she's on top of her game.   I'll send her in to the spa soon.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Threads breaking

I'm working on machine quilting a project made with the above lovely bundle.  I'm pulling my hair out. It's a large quilt, and the fricken thread is breaking over and over and over and over and over and over and over.   Get my point?

I've tried:
-rethreading from top to bottom.
-cleaning out all lint from the nooks and crannies
-adjusting tension
-denim needles
-microtex needles
-quilting needles
-a variety of brands of thread including Guterman, Connecting Threads, Serger Thread (gasp!) Empire Threads (British), and of course,Aurifil, the beloved brand of many.  I love it for piecing, but this project it is breaking every.darn.minute.  My last project I tried King Tut, which seemed to win the debate of Aurifil vs KingTut, but my local quilt shop is 1/2 hour away and I'm too lazy to fight traffic to get down there.

HELP!!!!  So my project gets quilting in 1 hour blocks, because the swear words are surfacing randomly and that's just not enjoyable.   It's also not enjoyable when it's my first quilting project back from my summer vacation hiatus.

Perhaps it's my quilting design? Am I too fast?  It doesn't happen on the curves...but on the straight aways.  Is my machine just vengeful at me for neglecting it so much?

Ah, it's good to vent.

This project is really cool.  I'm trying to think of a name.  This fabric,  Mama Said Sew by Sweetwater is blacks/greys/whites and reds.   My quilt is shades of greys, a few blacks and a hint of red.   I was thinking Shades Of Grey...but that's too E.L. James'ish and somehow erotica and quilting make me blush.   Then I started getting giddy...I do have a few spots of red in my quilt....Red Room of Pain?
Modern Greys?
Urban Shades?
I think it will be called greys black and red quilt.