Tuesday, December 29, 2009

As NewYear approaches

Can you believe that I didn't get ONE thing for Christmas at all sewing/quilting related? BLASPHEMY!!
Yes, one could argue that Suki was my early gift, and it was. But I could have at least seen a spool of thread, or a magazine, you know?

I'll have to correct that this week. :-)

I've been thinking of things ahead in 2010. I'd like to focus more on my quilting projects and less on the research and dilly dallying. Is that a word? Since February, I've really taken quilting to a new level, more enjoyment than just an occasional hobby. I'd like to step up to more projects, instead of admiring others, I'd like to showcase more myself. Stay tuned.

The holidays have been a blur - but good. My inlaws from South Carolina, and dh's Grandma from Vancouver came into town for the week. It's been busy trying to accomodate everyone's needs. All in all, I think it went fine, especially cramming 7 passengers in the 7 passenger minivan. My ass just doesn't want feel the love of the back bench seat squeezed in with the two kid carseats.
There's 4 generations right there - isn't that cool? We're so lucky to have Trent's mom pull well through chemo, and have her well enough to visit us here. Does she not rock the chemo scarf, or what? She's the most glammed chemo chick I've ever seen. I'm going to be making her more scarves like that. She brought her favourite ones along, I investigated how it was made, jotted down measurements and am going to work on it.

New Years Eve plans - most likely in bed by 10:30. We don't do anything crazy. I don't like the major hype and then the let down the next few days. New Years has started for me now. Including the chocolate Santa I stole, er borrowed from my son while composing this post.

What are your plans? Your aspirations in the new year?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas...

today's been one of those clumsy days where many dumb clutzy things happen, and you kind of wonder...whatthe???

As I type here gimpily with my 9 fingers...(I cut 1/2 my nailbed all the way through this evening making wifesaver foe tomorrow....the grande finale to my clumsy day) just wanted to wish all of my blog friends a Merry Christmas and happy holiday with you and you families.
I love the holidays , but I just can't wait for the normalcy again. The clutter free home, and the routine...and the sewing. My space has been taken up as my inlaws are visiting with us during the week.
Hope eveyone has a wonderful time!!!

Missing you mom.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dear Santa....

Dear Santa,

For Christmas, I'd really love to have some solid fabrics. I've been thinking about you and your circumstances Santa. I know it's not nice to say, but I think that you and Mrs. Claus need a bit of a clothing makeover. Your elves are also looking like they need some new uniforms. I don't know if it's global warming, or the pollution in the snow, but things are looking rather dingy. If you sent me this coloured jelly roll I could definitely outfit a few of your elves in crisp and bright new red and green. Hey...I could even shake things up for you and Mrs. Claus and make things more tropical in your summer outfits!
I hope you're not offended by my letter Santa. I'm just trying to help you out a bit, since you're always helping all of the children around here. It's time you get a little something back!


p.s. If you go into the pantry, there's a little extra irish something to add to your hot chocolate.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Mixing it up...

Why is this photo of my piano here? My pin basted quilt is, er, was laying on the floor right in front of it. After I had pinned it, I realized how much I disliked the pieced back. I unpinned it, and re organized the backing. Now it's ready to be pinned again. While I'm pinning away, I look up at my gorgeous piano and realize it's time to tickle the ivories again. Charlie Brown's Christmas tunes sound so wonderful...it's been awhile since I've played and it feels good.
So, my creative outlet is a little mixed this week, as I catch up on Christmas songs to play, and piece together my quilt.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas memories...

So the tree went up finally, and I wanted to share my 3 favourite ornaments. Our tree is decorated in white lights, German wooden ornaments, a few collected from friends over the years, and some family ones.

I've got only two of these German gnome dudes. I don't know what they're called, but they're from my opa from awhile back. His little head is on a spring so it wobbles around. Isn't he precious? Dude, I question what's in the pipe...
This other gnome dude in red... The copper walnut beside it was my mom's favourite ornament ever, and I believe it is from her grandfather's tree in Germany. Knowing that I have a little piece of my mom on the tree is cool... I still remember her decorating the tree, singing German carols with the record player, and having tears in her eyes as the music always moved her. I think I got that emotional bit from her too.

I have 5 of these gorgeous hand made crochet stars. They are stiffened with starch. These are from a grandmother of a boyfriend from 15 years ago. I was so fond of her, and these ornaments were one of the favourite things I've received from that segment of my life. I have a thing for grandmas and grandpas, I don't know why, but I cherish old people so much and love to hear their stories and their quirks.

I would love to be able to make some more of these stars...I haven't a clue how to start though. I know it takes a tiny little hook though!

So...do you have a favourite ornament? One that has a lot of history or story to it?

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Finger Lights

Okay...seriously. I'm still trying to figure out why or how a blue, green or red led light would be helpful to someone quilting?
And then the other thing... how will this help me with my hand stitching?

These were 16.95 at my LQS. LED finger lights. Except for the velcro vs elastic finger band, they are exact replicas of the ones I bought for my son's birthday party at the dollar store. for a dollar. ONE dollar for four lights.

Has anyone used these for stitching? I have used them for star wars light saber and dark room battles. If you need advice on that, just let me know.

Maybe I should buy out the dollar store and open up my own etsy shop and re-market them. LOL.

Monday, December 07, 2009


is #12 !

Blogger quilteddog said...

I would love some hard to find Heather Ross fabrics,or any funky cool fabrics, sewing machine needles, flat head pins, an awesome iron, and of course, more TIME!

Send me an email with your mailing info and I'll get your fq's to you as soon as I can!

Thanks everyone.

I'm feeling the stress of Christmas this Monday morning. I have NOTHING ready. ..that and the -30 temps this morning has made me grumpy.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

busy week...

Have you ever hosted a kids birthday party at your house? A boy's birthday party?


walk....no RUN to your nearest jumperoo play place, sports gym, jungle equipment place. And have it there.

I'm exhausted. Truly. The kids who we thought were going to be trouble...er challenging, were angelic. The ones we didn't consider (only 2 of them) were wild.

It was an experience I've learned from. Ethan had lots of fun. It was a wild 3 hours. The kids had fun. We had the snowstorm of the year last night and this morning...and then our party.

We did however, enjoy the 'zoo' presentation that came:

Ethan's birthday is actually December 24th. We try and do the kid party at the beginning of the month to make it more special for him.

**I haven't forgotten about the draw for the fat quarters - I will do so tomorrow. My brain is too fried to figure out the random number generator right now!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Dear Santa....Our Wishlist Compilation

Here is a compilation of ideas and wishes from some of our fellow blogland quilters. At first I thought to myself, what the heck am I doing? This is alot of work! And then, as the ideas came in, I started to learn about new tools that I had no clue about! I will be printing this out and highlighting my fav's for my husband! So...read on, click on links for photos and ideas, and I hope there's something there that can pique your interest and help your list grow.

The list of course, does not include everything and anything - just suggestions from you. The books and magazines list is small, and I know there are oodles more to choose from.

* disclaimer - I am not affiliated, nor do I get perks for linking up to these sites. I have no idea how to do that kind of thing. LOL. I've just done some searches through google, amazon and a few of my known online fabric shops. I have just linked them so you can view a photo of what the item is and become familiar with it.


Cutting Mats

  • 2"
  • 6"
  • 6.5"
  • 9.5"
  • 12.5"
  • 5" square
  • 9" square
  • Shape Cut Plus ruler - this looks really neat!
  • handle to attach to ruler - I found a few like this one, this one, and Evelyn suggested this one
  • Accuquilt Go! Okay..maybe pipe dream, but I would really really want to have one of these! I am a gadget kind of girl. ;-)
  • tape measures
  • new rotary cutting blades
  • a good seam ripper - the Clover Seam Ripper and this stand up seam ripper were suggestions
  • Kwik Klip - a tool for pin basting quilts -I want this!!
  • flat head pins
  • numbered pins
  • good quality scissors like the Gingher I've been hearing about
  • the Bernina Lady's Knife
  • Sewline fabric pencil
  • mini iron
  • sewing machine needles
  • iron
  • teflon pressing sheet
  • batting
  • thread, thread, thread. Good quality, quilting thread from the quilt shop. Cones of it. white, basic, varigated And not the cheapo stuff honey. You know when you tell me the difference between a good quality golf ball and a cheapo one? That the $7 ball STILL performs way better than the $1 ball, especially when it usually ends up in the water trap?
  • a design wall such as this one
  • shelving
  • totes and bins
  • folding tables
  • folding cutting table such as this one from Joann
  • folding sewing table such as this one from SewEzi
  • 20" pillow forms
  • magnets
  • size 36 and 45 buttons to cover
  • Ikea storage like this set of drawers
  • Ikea desk/table in shiny red
  • desk top Ott-lite

  • Dear Family, the number one thing that I want is TIME, uninterrupted, leave me alone, quilting time. Perhaps make a coupon book for me with time increments, where you take the kids out for the afternoon while I get to sew!
  • gift certificates to local quilt shops
  • gift certificates to online quilt shops such as this one
  • a trip to a quilting retreat ( I know a few of the local LQS have retreats and cruises that they organize...check your local LQS or your local guild)
  • someone to assist me in clearing out and setting up the unused room in the house
  • a dedicated sewing space
  • a Persian cat name Winston -lmao!!
Thank you for your ideas and suggesstions...I really do appreciate it. I'll be drawing a name later today!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Add your items!!

Today is the last day...I'm giving away some fabric (most likely Katie Jump Rope or FleaMarket Fancy!) as a thank you for helping me generate a list to help family members (my husband) do some shopping! Okay, I'm doing it because it's fun and I need to get into the mood somehow...

These are all fantastic ideas so far. Do you have a MUST HAVE tool that you would recommend as a stocking stuffer or gift for a quilter? Is there something on YOUR list?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Quilting Christmas Wishlist - giveaway too!

Okay everyone...this is pretty basic.   We're all posting about gifts we're giving to others. Now for once, let's be greedy little sewists and post what we WANT for Christmas from our loved ones.   No, I'm not talking about love, peace, family time.  I'm talking tangible items that will help our loved ones find a gift that we will love.    See?  We're still giving and helping others, only this time, it's ideas for us.... 

Last night, my dearest husband was asking me what I'd like for Christmas.  I told him to go to a quilting shop and find things there.  

 *blank stare, blinking quickly*  
Kind of like me when he starts to talk about some kind of hockey play.   LOL.

So,  in honour of my dear husband, spouses, family members around the world.  Let's make a list of desired crafty/sewing/quilting items that we would love to have under our tree.  Tools, accessories, fabrics, threads, organizers....  I'm going to state the obvious - yes, we'd all desire a new machine, let's get that out of the way! 

I'll keep this open until Tuesday evening, December 1. 
I will compile a wishlist for you of all of the suggestions, and post it on my blog, by Wednesday or Thursday. I have no clue how big or little this may turn out.

Please come back and see what others are wishing for.  Perhaps there are some ideas that you hadn't thought of.    Trust me, your family and friends will love you for this!

**If you have links or websites, please include them.  I'll link them in my final list compilation.  Any suggestions, please email me!  I'd be happy to hear from you!

Now go. Get to it.  Make your lists and check them twice!   Andrea's going to giveaway to someone who's really really nice!   

*giveaway you ask?  yes...something nice.  Perhaps a few fq's. Haven't decided yet.  

Friday, November 27, 2009

Sewing Gift ideas in unexpected places

In Canada we have Winners and HomeSense.  I think in the US, your related stores are called TJMaxx and Homesense/HomeGoods.

Go to the stationary/books department, and scour the shelves.  There's unbelievable deals there.  Look what I found! I was so surprised to find these at this store.  They also had beautiful knitting books and kits.   

This sewing kit was only $5.99 !
The Cath Kidston items reminded me so much of Amy.  And then when I was 'thinking' of picking it up, the music in the store played the song she used to have on her music player on her blog "She is Love".    Oh my gosh, if that wasn't a sign for me to pick it up for her, I don't know what was!     So, I sent her one.  They also had a kitchen list magnet pad, and a home decor organizer/planner in the Cath Kidston line.  So cute! 

I also found this Amy Butler Sew-It Kit for $6.99.  It came with two fabric pieces and a ton of patterns, as well as a sewing guide.   Such a cute gift for that price!  But it's MINE! All MINE!! 

Christmas Gems...

My quilt top is finished, finally.   Does anyone quilt like this? 
Turn light on to sewing machine..
Mom, can you change the wii game for me please?  (go do it)
Sit back down. Sew a seam, a partial seam.
Mom, can you help me with this part of the game?
Cat is trying to get under, er, rearranging my layout.  
Forget to put iron on. Wait for it to heat up.
Phone rings upstairs.  
Sew another partial seam.
Mom, I'm hungry.   
Iron is on auto shut off mode now.  need to wiggle it to heat up again.
Mom!!!  I'm dooonnnneee!  (going to the bathroom...needs 'help' if you know what  I mean)
Iron seams.
Go check clock.   Shoot - we need to run and pick up big guy from school!
Turn iron off.  Machine off.   

So...my sewing goes in snips and snippets.   But, it's my life, and one day, I'm sure, I'll be wishing for the little ones 'needing' me all the time.   

Next, need to quilt it together, and deciding on a binding colour.  Red? Green? Dots?

Monday, November 23, 2009

It's just all wrong...

I'm really happy with my sewing skills and how it turned out.  Quite proud of the way the collar turned out and everything.  But it just doesn't look good on me.  If I had a professional fitter, perhaps to give it more shape or something.  Perhaps (well, I know for sure) my body just doesn't look good lately, and this doesn't flatter me.  It's boring.


I do have a backup outfit to wear.   I had a wonderful pity party with myself last night, after working all weekend on the thing.   Beating myself up over the fact that I used up all of that time and nothing to really show for it.   Anyone need embroidered taffeta?  

So, it's confirmed.  I do not like sewing garments.  At all.    The cost of clothing is well worth the price, and the time consumed constructing a garment.  I think in the back of my head I knew this project wouldn't work.  But I plowed through anyways.

I guess I wanted to see if branching out from quilting may be something to explore again - I used to love sewing clothes as a teenager.  Not anymore.    I love those cute bags that everyone makes, but I'm a solid colour leather/pleather kind of girl.  Back to quilts.

In other news - if you have PAX tires on your vehicle or plan to get a vehicle with PAX tires.  Don't.   What a load of crap.   Three sets of pax tires now on my 07 minivan.  With only 60,000 miles.   They only last about 20,000 miles!  

Question - while at my LQS the other day I was perusing flannel.   I asked the difference about flannel there vs my other fabric store that sells flannelette in those cute kid patterns.  I got the eye roll and lecture about quality and pilling.    Is this true?  

Truth be told, in my Christmas quilt (pics soon!) I used a combo of LQS prints and big store prints and could tell a difference in the hand of the fabric, the density of the weave, and the slight stretch in the cheaper quality stuff.   So I was just wondering if anyone had experiences, good or bad with flannel vs flannelette.

*sigh* I need to lose weight.  This insulin thing has made me gain weight back quite rapidly over 6 months.  My "move to Edmonton" weightloss was not really weightloss, but me being very sick, and now that I'm getting healthy again, so is the scale.  :(  Feeling very upset and low self esteem about it lately.  Anyone know how to get out of the funk?   oh yeah. my treadmill.

wow...verbal topic diarrhea today!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The ADD of my crafting life

I have a Christmas 'gala' to attend on Friday.   After shopping at a few stores and not really having luck, I decided that I would sew taffeta.
Pray for me, please.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Suki has arrived!

Everyone...please welcome my newest family member, Suki.    I adopted her from my neighbouring province, and she's beautiful.  She found me through the Juki Yahoogroups....someone couldn't use her anymore and went on to bigger and better machines. The owner thought I may be interested, since I posted my interest in purchasing new locally and couldn't find a Juki dealer.

Suki arrived here at 9:30 am.   It of course is a story in itself.  

It's a week off for the kids, so we've been slow on getting ready in the morning.  Naked in all my glory, about to step into the shower, the doorbell rings.   All I hear are the stomps of the rush of two boys feet (with only underwear on) on the hardwood and the clicking of the dog's nails...and the announcement barking.   The stampede to the door.   I'm upstairs shouting DON"T OPEN IT!!!!  I"M NAKED!!!!!     Panicking...of course, because anyone coming to the door is a novelty. Still.    

I rush to put my jeans and t-shirt on...no underwear or bra *shudder*  Imagine.  No. don't.    I greet the mailman, finally, and you can see the confusion in his eyes as he had to wait a minute or two with two underwear clad boys and a dog smooshing their faces at the side door window, waiting for me. 

She's here! I can't wait to try her out!  

My boys are very excited... they want to find out what that red button on the speed control foot is all about (the thread cutter)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Keeping it real..

I so aspire to be one of those sewists. You know, the ones who whip out a project a day? It isn't happening here. I'm in awe at how many projects they complete. They obviously don't have healthy television habits like mine - Days of Our Lives, Oprah, Oz, and the news...Glee, Ugly Betty, and 90210 just entertain me. ;-)

I have been busy though - while I wait for Suki to arrive.

I have a Christmas quilt on the go, and I tried, tried, tried to replicate my wallet which I love. I need to plan and measure better. But I did end up with a little wallet - a tad too small for my cards, but I decided it would make a nice pantyliner keeper for those just incase days. You know, when you want to have a happy period.

Did I just say panty on my blog?
and period?

Monday, November 09, 2009

Thank you, Cherri!

Awhile back, I entered a draw for a giveaway on Cherri's blog.
I actually won!  Okay, I milked it for all it was worth.  It was getting to the point where I believe  I'd never win a thing!  LOL.   But seeing these colours together and the cute owls, I just imagine the coolest little sleepover set for a wee one.   So, instead of saying I'd make a quilt and bag...I detailed everything!  Here was my comment:

I would make a "night owl" sleepover set.   I'd need a little extra dark brown chenille for it...but here goes my idea>  I'd make a nightowl backpack/messenger bag style made of dark brown chenille with flap pockets made with the coordinating owl fabrics.  The straps would be done in the solids.  The main flap would also be done in the coordinating owls.  Inside would be a night owl quilt - a cozy soft quilt made of all the fabrics -and backed by a cozy soft chenille or minky in the matching chocolate brown colour.  If I can swing it, it would probably be quillow style, folds into itself.   The night owls would be watchers for the sleepover, just incase the wee one is a little anxious, nervous or worried about the sleepover.  Kind of a security comfort blanket...but the owls are night watchers and can 'watch out' for the scary things like new noises, new shadows, etc. because of course, owls are nocturnal and stay up all night so you don't have to.   Of course, with my night owl kit would come a coordinating comforting night owl stuffie made by me, that would tuck into one of the pockets of the backpack.    
And as this idea came to fruition...yes, i would totally design and make this to show off if I won it!  What a fun project to do ;-)

I thought it was a cool idea, and so did Cherri.  So, thank you so much Cherri... and YES I will be making this!  Oh my gosh, another for the list.     By the way, have you seen Cherri's quilt patterns?  I want to make every single one of her patterns.  In the solids, of course. Because that's what I really really love. 

Friday, November 06, 2009

It's coming...

It's coming soon... I can't wait!  Does this officially make me a quilter?  I wonder?
I'll leave you guessing.

No photos today.  I've been sewing a storm though.  I'm on a destash campaign.  No fabric purchases allowed at all.  (except white)

Photos soon...lots going on in life right now, it comes in big waves, and right now we're in a big wave.   BIG.  

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Trick or Treat... Jedi style

So no quilting...but the costume was on my sewing machine this week.  That counts right?

I'm pumped for creating this week...I can feel it.  Hopefully I'll have some progress pics for you this week!

Enjoy your sugar hangovers!  

Friday, October 30, 2009

Inspiration for Colour Wheel

Amy's Colour Wheel Post got me thinking when I saw this in my vintage needlework magazine.

This would be a great springboard idea, I think!  Oh great...another project to add to my list! LOL!!

Luke....I am your boots.

My boys LOVE StarWars right now.   So, lucky me,  I was given a little boy's Darth Vader costume for my little guy, and my big guy wants to be Luke Skywalker.  

I was excited to sew garments again.  Fabric shopping was another ADD experience for me. OOOh wouldn't that paprika colour be a great winter coat for me?  OOOh, that would be great fabric for a simple dress for the Christmas gala this year.  

A little nattering voice inside me, however, kept reminding me of last Halloween.  Same pattern of excitement.   Stoked to start.  Couldn't wait to finish.   Garment sewing is not my favourite.

But alas, Luke is complete.   After a bit of an 'itchy' problem with the wool fabric,  I whipped up an undershirt to go under his tunic, and we're all set.  I felt like I was on Project Runway sometimes, the way I altered and created!  

More photos tomorrow of the whole costume, as 'Luke' is at school right now.   But I did manage to snap a pic of the boots I made for him.  
Done in faux suede, fitted over a pair of his rain boots.  I sewed strips together in rows to get that layered effect like the original Luke boots.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Ikea trip...

So off I go to Ikea with my husband and kids.  Kind of a date you know...drop the kids off at the playroom (free babysitter for an hour!) grab a coffee and browse the store!  Bliss!
I found oodles of things...and came home with one little stainless steel holder for utensils.  *rolleyes*   You see, it was one of those days, where the stuff you want is only partially there...the rest is sold out.  So, I am the type of person who can't buy just part of it and wait until it restocks.  I wait until the whole set is back in stock.  Thus, I came home with one thing.    But in my ideas and dreams, there were many cabinets and shelving units bubbling around.  I have a few drawings to keep my ideas in my head, so next week, my walls will fill with things.  So, I came home and did an ikea sewing room search.  And came upon this beauty:

Ikea Sewing Room 

Isn't it fantastic?  

The only problem is... that cutting room table with all of the lovely drawers?   $800 here.  And seriously.  Do I want a pretty cutting table, or put the money towards a better machine?   

I could look at that room all day.  

***edited to add... I'm trying, really trying to add more photos in my blog.  But I just couldn't add my exciting food purchase at ikea.  My husband treated me to $2.50 meal.  Can you feel the romance?   Oh... whatever...here it is...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A word about organs.

My brother-in-law, Ryan, is 33 years old, married with a 2 year old daughter and needs a new liver (he's not or never has been an alcoholic -  they tell him it's a fluke thing) 

Please spread the word about organ donation.  
If you believe in organ donation, please check to ensure that you've signed your organ donor card, or have registered with your organ donor registry...

It's so surreal.  You hear it about others, and now it's critical in our family.  :(  

Just for reference, I know a little person who has benefitted ...  My son's friend at school has been blessed with a double lung transplant last year, and is finally back at school.  It's incredible!   

Shameless post... but need to get the word out there....it's hard to think about isn't it? signing your life away like that.  Its something you don't want to think about - but boy - when it hits close to home, you want to think about it. 

Monday, October 19, 2009

Let's be honest...

I know exactly why my quilting hasn't been productive in the last while.  

It's been growing. 
It's been molting.
It's been stagnant.

The fairies haven't appeared to help me out. 

In order for me to get any inspiration to craft, I need to fix this.  Pronto.   
I think Ikea is on  the list for tomorrow...need storage.

lucky duck...

Do you ever wonder if you'll ever ever ever win?  I was beginning to.  And then I did!

Beth was hosting a giveaway of two patterns and a sweet treat of 1.5" strips...and I won.I love the oranges and greens in these fabrics!!  The art quilt design is so pretty...Hooray!  Thanks again, Beth!  

I've actually won another giveaway (!!), but haven't heard from the poster yet, and don't want to seem too anxious about it.   She just got back from quilt market and I'm thinking it's a whirlwind time for her right now.   I'll post about it when I hear more.  

In other news...I got back from Vancouver from a FABULOUS Thanksgiving weekend trip.  But of course, came down with some kind of flu/cold whatever it may be.  It's almost gone now, but now I'm in catch up mode. 

I went thrifting today and found a really special deal.  Here's a sneak peak.... can you see the date on this gem?

Here's another hint:

...more later.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Thankgiving Day

We have travelled for 12 hours by car to be with family in Vancouver for Canadian Thanksgiving Day/weekend. It's been amazing and so soothing for our souls and for our heartstrings. On the bad side...it's in the middle of Quilt Festival, and I have limited access to email/computer time, so I cannot respond individually right now to your comments. I will do so by the end of the week.

Please know how much I value and treasure your comments and your visits. They motivate me, and make me feel so wonderful knowing there are so many wonderful other quilters out there.
We're an amazing community and I'm so thankful to have found this 'outlet'.

I will be by to check out your blogs and comment later on the week...thanks for stopping by!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Quilt Festival Fall 2009

I have had a fairly unproductive few months since our April Festival...but I did get about 4 quilts finished!

Here is the one that I absolutely love. It is MY quilt on the couch, and I backed it with very soft fabric (chocolate colour) on the back. It's not minky, it's not flannel, it's something in between...almost a sherpa but very short dense pile. It's called Fireside, made by Trendtex. A grown up minky, if you can imagine. That, and it has a grown up price! $31.95 per meter..but so well worth it! It's MY quilt after all! How many quilts do we make for others, and then forget to spoil ourselves? LOL

This pattern is from American Patchwork and Quilting FEBRUARY 2009 issue. The pieced fabrics are from PinkChalkFabrics
and are shot cottons. The binding is all pieced from the scraps left over. I think I had only 30cm left over! Shot Cottons have a bit of depth or dimension to them with the warp and weft fibers being two different colours. The backing is from my LQS

***Edited to change - it's not in the April 2009 issue, but the February 2009 issue! Sorry if you've been looking, my error!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Fall Bloggers Quilt Festival 2009 coming soon!

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Monday, October 05, 2009

Motherlode...now gone.

I went through every piece and kept all of the solids and some print pieces that I liked...and some of the warm and natural,  couple meters of unbleached muslin, and big knitting needles (not sure why they were there!)  So, I've added quite a bit of pieces to my stash.

and then I promptly listed it on kijiji (kind of like craigslist)  and sold it for the same that I bought it for!  $40.   It's already gone! ;-)

It never occurred to me until Mel mentioned to cut it, group it and sell it on etsy.   I really like that idea....except I read it AFTER I had made arrangements for my buyer to pick up the boxes.  
But you know what?  I can't STAND lots of stuff and clutter.  And the boxes, literally were only in my house for 8 hours, and I couldn't get rid of them fast enough.  The extra 'stuff' in my house was driving me insane.     I guess I'll never be one of those manic fabric hoarders after all! LOL

So.  It's been a good day.  Extra stash for me.  And no money lost.  Just a bit of time.  But fun.

Still coveting my Juki and a quilting frame.  The bad part?  My husband would buy it in an instant for me.   I just can't justify it yet.  


I found someone's stash this weekend....all for$40.

Now, after rummaging through the boxes, I'm wondering if I paid too much for it, as there is alot of stuff in there I probably won't use.   But, I'll go through it and donate the rest, I guess.  Lesson learned.  But when you read an ad that says 10 boxes of quilting cottons for $5 each, I kind of got excited.  And when you arrive at the house, you get excited, and nervous, and I'm not the kind of person that says, um no...this just won't work for me. 

But lots will work.   

I'm dreaming about a juki machine and a frame....went to the creative stitches show (like a sewing trade show) this weekend and found my thing.  

Friday, September 25, 2009

Neat Blog...

My friend Mel, who needs to ahem get a blog and show off her work (hint hint), emailed me this link for 365 Days of Freemotion Quilting Designs

It is an incredible quilter who has made it a project to demonstrate a new freemotion quilting design each day.   The video tutorials are excellent, she describes the difficulty level for each one, and I really love the ideas.   I think I may need to invest in some bulk thread in the near future!  

Go see her blog...and check out all of the designs for inspiration.  I especially love her names for all of them!  I especially love double pebble and pebbles in a stream....

In quilting news.  Well, there is no news.  Thus, I spread the word of interesting reads for you....
I'll have something soon enough.  I think I'm going to put my wonky blogs on hold for awhile and sink my teeth into a project that will get me more motivated.    Oh no!!  I will now have TWO (wonky quilt and finish machine quilting my vintage bed sheets quilt) works in progress.... ACK! That's so not me! I finish what I start!   

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Two very different books from the library...

I love my library.  I was the first one to reserve and sign out the new Material Obsession book!

While I love leafing through the book and ooh'ing and ah'ing all of the photos and getting pretty ideas about new modern fabrics in traditional quilt settings, I found myself still craving to learn more about the art part of quilting.  I think I'm starting to branch out more with improv and colour theory right now.  Yes, I know I need to practice what I learn, but anyone who knows me knows I research things endlessly... 

So, while at the library, I picked up this book
This book was very informative.  Don't let the cover fool you into thinking it's about landscape quilting.  It is not.  I am still reading it, but I'm learning alot about a different way of piecing and quilting.    There's alot of information about colour theory,  making improvisational blocks, overlays  and adding dimension - and how to do it, with simple projects to practice the concept. The author's website has some wonderful ideas as well... check out the gallery! 
I'm really enjoying this read, and learning alot from it.  It's not just about photographingand showing off beautiful quilts, it's about the process... 

Are there any books that totally inspire you?   Do you find that your quilting interests or style waxes and wanes?  

 I started out really loving anything to match home decor.  Then onto bold bright primary and gemstone colours (think Laurel Burch style).   Then I discovered the modern quilting and the modern fabrics with lots of white sashing and simple, traditional blocks.   I'm still very into modern, simple blocks and I love solid colours.   But now my interest is leaning again towards improvisation.    And yet, I'm not a large producer of quilts.   I just love learning about the process, trying it out and doing/learning something new.  

 I'm not a multiple quilt generator, wanting to become a famous blogger, or a famous pattern maker, or even a famous quilter.... I just want to learn all about the art form and let my creativity evolve through my research.  

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Colour Combo Inspirations...

While at the hardware store today, I noticed these beauties in the paint samples.  Usually it's the monochromatic chips, but there were co-ordinating chips at this store.  Very cool.  There were lots more, but I chose only the ones that "spoke" to me.  Whatever that means.  LOL
mandatory cat in the way as usual shot. 

We went looking at an acreage today.  It is the same one we admired last year, and then it sold.   The people who bought it were investors, and reno'd it, and we really like the renos.  Things here have been hectic on the life front - we almost endured a transfer to somewhere far, far north of us, but a paid move, and financially great.  But location, not so great.  So now, that has not turned out (thankfully) and we are speculating dh to take reigns of the ship here in the city in a promo way, and it may mean us staying for a few more years.  If that is the case, I wanna move to an acreage!  If it is not the case.....I want to move back home to BC!  LOL.  So has the story been of my past 4 years. Are we moving this season? yes? no?   The cost of living here is so much less than in BC.  We get more bang for our buck here...we just miss home is all.  I'm assuming that the longer I live here, the lesser the yearning for 'home' gets.

anyone live on an acreage?  There's something romantic and freeing about the thought of it...and something terrifying about it too.   Right now I live in a cookie cutter development, where I can hear my neighbours sneeze.    

I just want to settle and find a forever home...or at least a home I can make a design wall for quilting without worrying about moving in the next 4 months so let's not put too many holes in the walls.  *sigh*
Is that too much to ask for?   A design wall in my forever home please? 

Anyone else have a husband who seems to be constantly on the verge of transferring or restructuring positions?   It's so frustrating!!!

Anyways, back to the original topic - colour inspiration - Amy asked about it...where we get it from, and today, I found some in an unusual spot. 

Friday, September 18, 2009

Crochet or Knit, which is easier?

I'm going to give it a go again. I need to do something while I'm 'relaxing' watching my new fall tv shows.   I just can't be a couch potato and not do something at the same time. 

So which is easier...crochet or knitting?   Does the yarn make a difference?  If so, please give me some suggestions...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kona Cotton Solids...

I purchased some Kona Cotton Solids from the Fabric Shack .  They were super reasonable at $3.99/yd US$.  It was very fast shipping, and they included a package of machine needles in my package!  Cool!   This is for a new quilt that I got some inspiration for, now I need to execute it!
I'm really loving the charcoals, but may add or swap out a couple of browns and a couple of the greens.  It's so hard to go by the colour swatch on websites, but what a nice package to get in the mail today.  

I have done NO quilting or sewing this week.  I'm going downstairs right now to fix that.    I'm 1/2 way done machine quilting my sheets quilt, and have no clue how far I'll get with my wonky log cabins...but I need to sit down and soothe my soul for abit.  This week and last have been a bit stressful life wise, but should be calming down  next week.  I hope.

Monday, September 07, 2009

A bit of this a bit of that...

I cut all of my Christmas fabrics for the wonky log cabin quilt along on flickr.   Tried a bit of wonkiness, and need to be more daring with my slicing and dicing to create a more obvious crooked block, rather than one that looks like I was sloppy. My next one will be a 1/4 wonky, which I have a feeling I'll love alot more.

My backing fabric on my bedsheets quilt looks SO adorable.  I cannot wait to show you the finished project.  Just a few more lines to go (grid quilting) and the binding still to put on. Then, to find a recipient. 

Onto gardening news...look at my bountiful harvest!

Okay, trick photography.  They're wee tomatoes.  LOL.  I planted cherry tomatoes and grape tomatoes. 
 The grape ones taste much better than the cherry ones, and are much firmer and delicious.  The green ones are spilling everywhere on the plant, so I'm hoping to get much more in the next few days.  Weather looks cooler again, so I'm feeling a little leery about that.   My cucumber plant has lots of yellow flowers, but no cukes. :(  I think they may not happen this year.  and my crazy carrots - well, stay tuned. I'm going to pull some this week. They look very wonky too!

I ordered some solid fabrics for my next quilt and can't wait for them to arrive.  I have a feeling solids and shot cottons may be my future.  I get the most inspired when I see solids in a quilt.