Saturday, December 05, 2009

busy week...

Have you ever hosted a kids birthday party at your house? A boy's birthday party?

Don't. RUN to your nearest jumperoo play place, sports gym, jungle equipment place. And have it there.

I'm exhausted. Truly. The kids who we thought were going to be challenging, were angelic. The ones we didn't consider (only 2 of them) were wild.

It was an experience I've learned from. Ethan had lots of fun. It was a wild 3 hours. The kids had fun. We had the snowstorm of the year last night and this morning...and then our party.

We did however, enjoy the 'zoo' presentation that came:

Ethan's birthday is actually December 24th. We try and do the kid party at the beginning of the month to make it more special for him.

**I haven't forgotten about the draw for the fat quarters - I will do so tomorrow. My brain is too fried to figure out the random number generator right now!


  1. what a brave boy...i am petrified of the snake and spider just looking at the picture! oy, my son has a birthday on dec 13, but at 2, still no need for hoopla, thank goodness!

  2. You let that SNAKE in your house??? You are a better mom than me. I can't stand the things. The spider I would be ok with, but not the snake. (Shudder!)

    That said, that is a cute idea for a party. My son's birthday is next weekend and it's always hard to schedule stuff around the holiday parties going on. He is having one friend over and we are going to try to make snowglobes. My practice ones are not working out too well yet, so maybe we will have to find a different craft.

  3. Wasn't that a wicked storm took me 1.5 hrs round trip to the bus stop yesterday afternoon, normally 20min...not looking forward to the cold front either...I am not liking it at all!!

  4. What a neat idea, to have the zoo come to your house! I've had parties where I afterwards wished I'd done it elsewhere, but they've all been fun and they've all left me exhausted. You did a terrific job, Mom, that kid is wearing a smile a mile wide!

  5. It seems like a fun party - I bet all the kids loved the animals! I myself would not contemplate having a birthday party for my daughter at home. First, she always likes to invite all her friends (and she is popular and has lots of friends), second, I like the idea of finding different venues for the party and choosing things that maybe otherwise people would not think of. Until now it works out well, we'll have to see how it goes later ;-)

  6. What great pictures!! Looks like alot of fun, even though snakes really SCARE me!! :-)

  7. Hi Amber, you are definitely ambitious to do that boys party at your home...yikes. I don't have kids but I do have nieces and nephews and have partaken in many birthday party at their home and abroad...let's just say more and more happen abroad LOL
    What a great theme though!

  8. You are braver than me. I have been too scared to have a kids party at my house. We have always gone somewhere.


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