Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's getting there....log cabin quilt

It takes me a long time to get things going...all I can say is that I have two kids, a dog, cat, and a husband who zap my energy and as much as I love quilting, sometimes the couch or a good book take priority....
It's gone from this...

To this...    All the blocks are complete, and now I have to sew them together into one's a baby size.  Each block is 8" .  I'll probably finish it with a white border and a funky binding, and possibly...if I can find it...a soft chenille backing.  

I have no idea who this is for.  If someone has a baby girl, perhaps it will go to her.  Or perhaps I will donate it to someone in the children's stollery who really needs some bright girly cheer...

Will post finished pics as it gets done.

I'm sure I'll get more accomplished this week..  it's been -30c (windchill of -40) the last couple of days, and will be in the next few days.  

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I have news!!!!

The baby fever has somewhat subsided!!! Hooray!!  Now, it's just a little twinge that is only apparant when I see soft pink minky fluffy fabric!

Need to quilt. Badly.   I have lots of time.  LOTS of it.  I cannot even make an excuse that i was cleaning or baking for Christmas.   I'm not in a Christmas mood, nor a cleaning mood.  I've been in this funk.  I go through it every couple of months where I'm just not into things.  

Dh's work has been a whirlwind once again and  making me slowly decline into a weird creepy lady.    November 28 was supposed to be the final date for announcements, then a week later..which the majority of announcements are made, and now here we sit, waiting for our announcement to come.   Goodd thing is he has a job.  

Christmas is coming.  I'm not in the mood.   It just causes clutter and stuff in my house which makes me batty.   I need clear, clutter free and bare to function well.  My dad is going on a month long cruise as of the 20th,  we're staying put in Edmonton, and dh's family is all going to Montreal to be together with a new and upcoming baby.
Feeling rather blah about it all.   Missing my mom lately as I hear all the Christmas music.  I'm not depressed about things, just disinterested.

I need to finish my quilt and then go and splurge on some fancy fabric from my favourite store.  That will always put me in a good mood.   Maybe I'll go buy some pink soft minky fabric.