Thursday, July 26, 2012

Creative Floods

I compare myself to the weather patterns....sometimes there are severe droughts, and sometimes there are epic floods.
June and July, for some reason in my life, tend to be drought season.

 June is crazy school month and then July is holidays - visitors, visiting, etc.

 Lemonade Stands
 Calgary Stampede Pancake Breakfasts each day
 Fossil hunting with cousins
 Lake Louise'ing
 Canoeing on Lake Louise
Blendie drinks 

This feast or famine has been occurring regularly in my blog for quite a few years now.   I've come to expect it, and I'm not surprised anymore.  I don't even read up on any one else's blogs.  It's quite a liberating vacation, actually.

Yesterday the clouds opened and the flood waters began.  So I spent the majority of the afternoon and evening sketching and colouring some meaty patterns on my back deck while the kids pummelled each other with the hose and water guns.'s been a busy time.  Entering August always gets me back into creative mode as I think about the Fall approaching.  

Hope you are all doing well if you read this far into my post.