Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Crotchety Old People Who think all teens are bad

To the crotchety old 50 something man who brought his daughter and his 2 year old grand daughter to the park today:

The three youths that were playing on the equipment before you arrived, and while I was there were nothing but pleasant, outstanding role models for youth today. Yes they were 14 years old, and the bylaw says 12. Yes they were running on the playground equipment. But did you notice that they were avoiding the places that the younger kids were? Did you notice that if they came in contact with the younger children, they slowed down and cautiously passed them? Did you notice that in the hour that I was there (5 minutes you were) that not once did they use inappropriate language, and they actually engaged with a few of the children? They humoured my two little guys on a few occasions! So when you SCREAMED at them to leave at once, that they were frightening the children (NOT) and that you would call by-law enforcement on them if they didn't leave....what were you trying to do sir? Aside from totally embarassing them and upsetting them (they were sitting on the wall getting their shoes on and one of them was in tears, the other two totally pale with embarassment. Yes I realize we have bylaws that stipulate that playgrounds are for 5-12 year olds. But if they are not offending, and in fact doing a fine job at being teenagers and having some play time, would you rather them sit on the sidewalk in front of your house smoking up and defacing your fenceline with grafitti?

Not all teenagers are bad sir. In fact, I really hope to meet up with those stellar teens who graciously, without a fight, but tails between their legs left the playground. There are some really great ones out there.

And on another note - why shouldn't I have called bylaw enforcement on YOU for bringing your 2 year old grandaughter to a 5-12 year old playground? She was slowing down my 5 year old on many occasions as he was trying to get by her on the equipment. If rules are rules then....

Mother fucking gawd am I seething at this man.

I made a point to approach the kids and let them know that I honestly thought they were doing a great job, and being respectful of the kids there...I told them that I was thankful that there were teens out there that were kind and polite and respectful in our community.

Sometimes it's even in the WAY you say it. He could have easily made it a friendly approach - hey guys...there's a lot of little ones around right now and my granddaughter is pretty nervous on the equipment...could you play over on that end, or maybe come back in awhile?

OMG I'm so mad!!! And I'm totally stress eating right now over it!!! :lol:

Monday, April 28, 2008


The house is empty without him..... I'm going to miss him so much! Work trips are different...this one is a bit of a pleasure one, and I think it's one of the longest times we've been apart. :( Come back soon my love, I'll miss you so much! We both had quite a teary goodbye today. :(

Quilt Progress

Little bits at a time...

Just need to sandwich it, quilt it and bind it. :)

Friday, April 25, 2008


Oh yes, and I am so excited.. we did our taxes this week, and are getting a HUGE refund, if we did it correctly! this really eliminates any worry I have about spending a few extra bucks in New York!! I know it's money that was already ours, and we overpaid in taxes, but to have that extra money right at this time, is such a treat!

I'm a discount shopper anyways, so Jimmy Choos aren't in my budget or interest anyways!

Crazy Life of Mine.

Our life goes like this - nice calm pace for months...and then whammo! Craziness! Here goes:

1. Trent has a hockey tournament this weekend, one game a day. It's for charity, and he loves to play, but I'm a little worried because he hasn't worked out / trained for this and I hope physically he'll be okay.

2. Tuesday, he flies to Toronto for his job interview.
Tuesday night, from Toronto he flies down to Myrtle Beach to spend time with his folks, golf, relax, and pick up the van we are buying from them.
(did I mention this? They were trading in their fully loaded 07 Quest to the dealer for a rock bottom price. We were thinking of trading in our suv for a minivan again later this year because we really miss the space. We stopped them and told them to hold off and sell it to us and we'd give them a better deal So we bought their van for a ridiculously low price....only caveat being that Trent's driving it back home, from SC!) So we're getting a fully loaded minivan for about 1/3 the price that they are selling up here. Selling our Pathfinder of course.)

3. Trent drives to Mason, Ohio to stop off and visit his sister for a few days. (13 hours from SC)

4. Trent drives from Mason to our home...about 31 hours, over a couple of days. This is where I worry, as it will be a long trip, long days and he will be alone. he will be fine, I know...but I do wish I could be the 2nd set of eyes, a driver for him to take a break for him on this long trip. I was thinking of flying with the kids to meet him in Ohio, and then driving all together back...but not sure what kind of nightmare trip that would be with the kids on such a long drive.

5. He gets back the weekend before I head to New York.

6. I fly to New York for 6 days. (yahoo!!!!) Feeling a little anxious about leaving the kids for that long though.

7. The weekend I get back, we're heading to Kananaskis for a company employee recognition retreat, family invited (finally!) for the weekend.

8. In this all we have 3 birthdays, mine included, mothers day, and a 40th wedding anniversary (his folks)

Luckily, we have opted not to buy the tent trailer at this time *rollingeyes*

Oh yes, and somewhere in there, perhaps may be a big decision of a current company job offer, or the company he's interviewing for?

So...yes... we go from quilting quilts, kindergarten trips and playground romps to... craziness.

I love it.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Winter woes

Forgot to post some pics of day two of the snow storm. By day three, there was a ton more, but you get the picture. It was nasty! And it's all melting away now.... yahoo!

Note Cameron's scowl, he hates snow blowing in his face :)

Another Quilt on the Go

This one is from the book Happy Hour Quilts... Here are the fabrics before:

And the blocks are done...now I'm just arranging and re-arranging to see the colour combos. Excuse the kid shrapnel and of course, the cat is always right there *lol* Not quite fond of this combo yet, but it's the best I've done so far, so I've taken a pic to remember it:

It's a very easy quilt to make. Once I have it all pieced together, I just machine quilt it and so on the binding. The blocks will be rotated as well, so the little inner blocks will be positioned vertically or from side to side or top/bottom. For now, I'm just working on the outside colour combinations.

My other bargello is still on the go....I just saw this fabric and HAD to have it. The blues are just delicious! It reminds me a bit of sand and surf colours...well, maybe not the dark browns, but it has that feel, very calming colours.

I've become quite inspired by this blogger Crazy Mom Quilts She does simple but beautiful quilts and it seems like she rolls them off every day! She has kids too, and I wonder how the heck she gets it all done. I'm just not as devoted or dedicated as her..... yet. :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Would you rather live close to family and friends and live in an older smaller home or townhouse that needs lots of renos that you can't afford for awhile, alot more of a commute, higher taxes and cost of living? The place(s) we were looking at, including my dad's are minimum 550,000 for something that needs a LOT of work. Pros- close to my sister, brother and dad, and our friends too. I'd probably (maybe not)have to go back to work to support the extra vehicle we would need and the higher cost of insurance, gas, taxes. etc/

Or would your rather live practically mortgage free on a big property (possibly lake or ocean front) in a newer home with an easy commute..where you don't HAVE to work to pay the mortgage? But no family friends that you know... (a new city) A smaller city, but a new adventure?

Although nothing has come to fruition yet, it has gotten closer to really making us weigh in on these decisions. I really wish an answer was so definite for me. As a fence sitter, I now realize the impact of both sides of the fence eating away at me, instead of just one.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Somewhere Frickin Cold in Winter - IN APRIL

Geez louise. It's mid april. It was 24c last weekend. We were in the garden, in flipflops, shorts. Had a bbq and a fire at night. Even a few bugs showed their pretty faces. This week? Well, yesterday it started snowing, and it hasn't stopped since. We have at least 20 cm of snow, which is impossible to figure out because its BLOWING SIDEWAYS most of the time. Then being the weather addict I am (what else is there to interest me in this desolate place?) the weather networks has a big shiny flashing red banner across the screen stating a severe winter weather warning... Slightly East of us, the snowfall warning is for 40-60 cm with blowing snow and poor visibility...slightly north of us is a lot nicer with only 20-30cm. We're smack in the middle of it.


Friday, April 18, 2008

Upside Down

Cameron loves to be upside down, and has so since I can remember. Mostly, he does this on the couch, or with me when I'm on the floor with him. He'll go upside down at school, while we're waiting for Ethan, on the couch, in my lap...whenever.

Ethan likes it too, but not as much as Cameron, and it's not "in" him like it is for Cameron.

Here's a sneak peak at my acrobat. He just did this headstand for the first time against a wall. Usually it's on the floor and then up over the seats of the couch, or head on the seat of the couch and legs over the back of the couch

Speaking Out

Why is that as much as I feel a passion for a certain cause or a belief, that after I type it out and want to post it or speak of it, I withdraw and almost feel like, Nah..I'll just keep quiet about it.

Why can't I have confidence that yes there will be people that agree, and people that disagree, and there's nothing wrong with that.

The Zoo

We(I) have a fish tank of fish.
We(I) have a bucket of goldfish for the pond outside.
We(I) have a cat. A Dog. Two Boys. A husband.

It's a zoo. I often dream of one day having an acre or two (or 20) for them to roam around. Yet then again, I joke about how we have such a big house and where does everyone end up? with in the same 10 square feet of each other...on the coach or at the foot of the couch, all nestled in together.

Lookie how jealous Shatzi and Mandy are for attention and one piece of kibble. Note Mandy's new bling around her neck. Her monogrammed one finally bit the dust.

Blue NailPolish and stuff

Ethan went on a field trip to the local highschool two days ago. They visited the horticultural dept (where was that when I was in highschool?) and the cosmetology dept (again...where was that?) and the foods dept. They potted a plant to take home, and at the cosmetology dept, the students face painted the wee ones, did their hair with streaks and mohawks with coloured gel, and painted all their nails.

Ethan will not allow his blue polish to be removed. I think it will be there forever.

...and of course, shadow needs to model as well *lol*

Monday, April 14, 2008

The colours of my new quilt

If anyone's interested...I guess I should document it.

Twelve kinds of roses

The last one...the red one that looks like it has tiger markings is my favourite :)

Daily appreciation...

1. The beautiful roses that my neighbours brought over on Friday night. A dozen roses, each a different colour/type. Roses aren't my favourite flowers, but I do love them and put into a bouquet to show how different and various they are, it made me really appreciate the beauty of each one. (pic to follow)

2. Trent always taking the time to say thank you for the things I do - even if it's hot dogs for dinner :)

3. The dreams that Trent and I conjure up and plan, often sacking our plans, but giving us things to strive for, and a common goal.

4. Cameron and Ethan's love for simple things in life, buckets, sand, and the backyard... Ethan found a ladybug yesterday in the garden and spoke softly to it and calmly and in to show me. Then he proceeded to "take her back home so she can take care of our garden..." *melt*

5. As weird as this sounds, I had someone post a comment from one of my January postings. Someone I had no clue who it was...but it was a nice comment. Instead of a driveby, and me wondering who the heck from xxxx was reading my blog, they posted a quick comment. So, it was appreciated, whoever you are Frank.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fire Season

It started!! We had our first fire last night in our back yard... it was wonderful!

Nothing like friends, some drinks and good laughs around the fire.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I hate weather.ca The forecast has changed so much so quickly lately. only 1 cm snow expected now (which i doubt will happen) and 19 on sunday.

I'm really looking forward to getting outside and setting up the yard.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


predicted again tonight and tomorrow = up to 10cm by tomorrow. ugh

the best part? It's supposed to be 17c on Sunday. WTF????

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Life is a roller coaster

Please keep an open mind and don't worry about any financial comittments from *******. It is impossible to know whether this opportunity is right from a career standpoint unless you meet J and D. Once you are excited about the role and the company you can then move to the next step to decide whether you want to come out to Halifax. If the interview was in Calgary you likely wouldn't even think twice about meeting them!

An email from my husband's headhunter, after Trent kindly closed the door of the opportunity.

Financial committments meaning..them flying him out for interviews, etc to Toronto.

Life is such a rollercoaster with my husband. It is so thrilling yet so frustrating too! I love the thrill of change and adventure...

Lorena received my package today, and called me crying. :) what a great feeling.

Someone scratched their head at me today when I posted about Costco granola. I mean, don't they know? I'm scratching my head at HER. She needs to go and get some. Sheesh. ;-)

My cat and dog won't leave me alone. Shatzi has this angular stare at the computer screen as the letters appear and scroll across the screen. Mandy sits at my feet and grumbles when I move.

Must feed the kids. It's raw night. Raw peas, daikon, celery, cucumbers and perhaps some chocolate milk. We had a late lunch today.

Cameron's just come rushing into the computer room grumbling I MADDDD. I maddd. So I say "is Cameron mad?" and then he replies with the hugest frown no mommy mad!

New York Trip

I finally booked our hotel! The Pod Hotel Think of it as a little train cubicle....but how fun! Look at the rooftop lounge. Lorena and I are going to drink a bottle of wine each night and bask in the New York skyline. I can't wait!


Really missing home this week.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Spring Break

So before Spring Break I had no plans.. Monday and Tuesday were great for running errands and doing some backyard tidying (er poo removal yuk)

Then Lorena announced she was in town and she stayed over from Wed-Friday afternoon.

Friday afternoon I sped over to a show home furniture/accessories sale in a former showhome. I bought two lamps and some greenery. Everything was gone pretty quick.

Our friend Fiona from Calgary was coming Friday night till today - she was coming up for an animal rehabilitation course (oil spill rescue)

So it's been busy!

Yesterday I got my hair cut and coloured, finally, after 1.5 of not getting it coloured professionally. Why did I wait so long? It looks awesome now. I even felt like people were looking at me when I went to Costco afterwards lol. It must be my stunning new colour. Either that or they thought - geez she got a new straight iron didn't she :)

Today we're putzing around...I baked muffins, do some of my quilt, and probably head out to buy a straight iron. Those things rock (at least at the salon!)

roller coaster of emotions lately over a possible job in Nova Scotia, super duper opportunity...but we've buried the thought now, and continue to set our eyes on BC... unless of course, a job in the hot coastal waters of the USA pop up.

We had snow yesterday. Lots of it. And more predicted for tonight. I'm so not impressed.

And to think I shoveled dog poo, and it could have been covered for a few more weeks.