Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Crotchety Old People Who think all teens are bad

To the crotchety old 50 something man who brought his daughter and his 2 year old grand daughter to the park today:

The three youths that were playing on the equipment before you arrived, and while I was there were nothing but pleasant, outstanding role models for youth today. Yes they were 14 years old, and the bylaw says 12. Yes they were running on the playground equipment. But did you notice that they were avoiding the places that the younger kids were? Did you notice that if they came in contact with the younger children, they slowed down and cautiously passed them? Did you notice that in the hour that I was there (5 minutes you were) that not once did they use inappropriate language, and they actually engaged with a few of the children? They humoured my two little guys on a few occasions! So when you SCREAMED at them to leave at once, that they were frightening the children (NOT) and that you would call by-law enforcement on them if they didn't leave....what were you trying to do sir? Aside from totally embarassing them and upsetting them (they were sitting on the wall getting their shoes on and one of them was in tears, the other two totally pale with embarassment. Yes I realize we have bylaws that stipulate that playgrounds are for 5-12 year olds. But if they are not offending, and in fact doing a fine job at being teenagers and having some play time, would you rather them sit on the sidewalk in front of your house smoking up and defacing your fenceline with grafitti?

Not all teenagers are bad sir. In fact, I really hope to meet up with those stellar teens who graciously, without a fight, but tails between their legs left the playground. There are some really great ones out there.

And on another note - why shouldn't I have called bylaw enforcement on YOU for bringing your 2 year old grandaughter to a 5-12 year old playground? She was slowing down my 5 year old on many occasions as he was trying to get by her on the equipment. If rules are rules then....

Mother fucking gawd am I seething at this man.

I made a point to approach the kids and let them know that I honestly thought they were doing a great job, and being respectful of the kids there...I told them that I was thankful that there were teens out there that were kind and polite and respectful in our community.

Sometimes it's even in the WAY you say it. He could have easily made it a friendly approach - hey guys...there's a lot of little ones around right now and my granddaughter is pretty nervous on the equipment...could you play over on that end, or maybe come back in awhile?

OMG I'm so mad!!! And I'm totally stress eating right now over it!!! :lol:

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