Friday, September 29, 2006

Obscure things

Do you know they make an appliance that cooks hot dogs? We got one. T's grandma bought it for us when she came for a visit. It looks like a toaster. You stick your two dogs in it, and your two buns, and voila... cooked hotdogs and toasted buns. Ethan loves it. I think it's the hokiest thing in the world, but whatever.

Another great purchase from the shopping channel that I forgot to report. A GORGEOUS suede coat. It looks awesome on me, thank you very much. It's a longer length (about 3 inches above the knee) and goes great with everything. The best thing? It's WASHABLE... throw it in the wash machine on gentle, and throw it int hte dryer too. Good thing, Cameron puked all over it yesterday! :)

Ugly Betty

Can strongly identify with her. Feeling gawky, geeky, clumsy... I laugh hard at her antics, as I see my self reflection in her.

It's not a negative thing, and it's not poor self image... I can just so relate to her for some reason.

On the first episode, very last scene where she trips on the curb, and then quickly tries to compose herself as if nothing happened...and that glance to see if anyone else saw it. Gosh, I died in laughter.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


What the hell is it with this one horse I pass by every day? Friday...pissing as I drive by.
Monday...crapping... today??? pissing again? Same bloody black horse.

wwwiiiiiipppppppppppeee the snot

there it is... I spot it with my hearing. sniff sniff. never mind I think. just a tickle in her nose.

there it is again. I zoom in on the culprit. sitting innocently doing her reading out loud. and then she does it.

the craft is meticulously mastered. a swift move. without even giving it a thought. a sweep of the back of the hand against her oozing nose. lovely. another efficient job handled by her jeans as she carefully executes her clean up plan. keep reading keep reading keep reading.

I'm waiting for it... ah yes, another wippppeeee this time with her fingers.
and as if I've never noticed it before....somehow my radar sets sight on the special pencil I've loaned the lovely innocent. The symbols are crashing in my head I as notice the slow motion of her snotted hand...reaching ... reaching... and finally holding the pencil.

MY pencil.

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Found a great pair of new boots to buy. Even going to spend 150 for them. Most I've ever spent on shoes. Been to 5 stores now to buy them, and they're all sold out of my size! WTF? Do they not know that it's rare I am willing to spend money on shoes? They're pointy kitten heel shiney black buckle boots. Yum

Other pair are a pair of black sketchers with red patches of sparkly jacquard fabric on them. Mega bucks too. Comfy

Just need a store who is willing to offer to order them for me and take my money.

Anyone anyone???

Saturday, September 16, 2006


new tv. new surround sound for tv. (courtesy of dh) new computer monitor, keyboard and mouse (courtesy of fil)

what did i buy? a chocolate bar. all of us happily content with our purchases...i think mine at 59 cents was rather the most pleasurable one.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


So this is how nutso I am. I am considering deleting my tribute post to Betty, because I'm worried that I'm offending people. What the... ?

So keeping to my conscious effort to not be wishy washy and not hold things in, I'm KEEPING the stupid post in.

I hope she doesn't think I'm badmouthing her. My post was rather more to elude how BORING my drive is to work. There are no crazy drivers here, hence Betty would need to switch gears and find something else to blog about.

Well there is one crazy driver here. Not a crazy driver, but crazy.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Betty's blog would go out of business if...

she had my commute to work everyday. My commute is 20km. Sounds average right? Well, how about this? I drive on a straight east bound, 4 lane highway with a speed limit of 100 km/hr, for 17 of the 20 km. The other 2.5 km are 80 km/hr

Betty would have nothing to blog about. Or it would sound something like this:

Cows...would you walk a little fucking faster for a change? The grass needs to be eaten over there, and your life is looking might useless to me right now. Hay baler..would you mind baling the hay in cubes next time instead of in cylinders? It's getting a little mundane watching you go in a straight line all the time. Horses.. .would you mind waiting until I'm done passing your field, and THEN take a crap? Jeez freight train...can you at least show off a caboose? I was waiting to see the goddamn caboose!

A tribute to Betty... no offense intended Betty :)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

What the....


I'm a music teacher again. What the fuck am I thinking? Doing? To have about 100 kids prance through my music room, snotty noses, farting, scowling, lice infested children though my classroom? what the..?

Pretend I know what I'm doing. I'm going to try and fix the poor souls of instruments that have been abused and neglected in my room. I'm going to sing fun high pitched songs that annoy the hell out of you. And even better!! I'm going to send the recorder home for practice TO YOUR HOUSE! Just imagine, b-a-g, b-a-g, tweet, b-a-g over and over and over again. How wonderful.

And yes, pour my heart and soul into a Christmas concert from October until December, only to put on a presentation that lasts a total of 40 minutes, because we don't want to tire the poor souls out that night. What the.... ? Tire WHO out?

I love teaching. I really do. Now I need to go figure out what song to teach so I can annoy the hell out of the parents and teachers. heehehheee..

Saturday, September 02, 2006


How the hell is it that I am not a specific shoe size like it says I should be. How is it that I can fit some shoes an 8.5 and some shoes a 10?

Could someone please make the shoe sizes consistent please?

And on that note. I'd like a custom tailor for my clothing too.