Friday, September 29, 2006

Obscure things

Do you know they make an appliance that cooks hot dogs? We got one. T's grandma bought it for us when she came for a visit. It looks like a toaster. You stick your two dogs in it, and your two buns, and voila... cooked hotdogs and toasted buns. Ethan loves it. I think it's the hokiest thing in the world, but whatever.

Another great purchase from the shopping channel that I forgot to report. A GORGEOUS suede coat. It looks awesome on me, thank you very much. It's a longer length (about 3 inches above the knee) and goes great with everything. The best thing? It's WASHABLE... throw it in the wash machine on gentle, and throw it int hte dryer too. Good thing, Cameron puked all over it yesterday! :)

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