Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Beauty in many shapes and forms...

I got two gifts yesterday....
from my mailbox.... (my recent solids purchase)

from the playground (lost a baby tooth, had 3 or 4 stitches to his lip cuts)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Making old, new.

My local thrift shop had these King Sheet sets on sale for 1/2 off. They stuffed them in this handsome Abercrombie bag. I think I turned fuschia pink walking out with this bag, but hey...afterwards I kinda stared for awhile and thought... hm, not bad!
(what's better, the fabric or the bag?)
I was eyeing these sheets awhile back. They are pristine - like I really don't think they were ever used. I bought them not because they were on sale, but because they are colours that I dread (aside from hunter green). Peach, dusty rose and pale pink. Pale pink is pretty easy, but peach? I could do the safe brown and peach, or go 80's with the aqua and peach combo. I'll need to hash this out. If anyone wants the challenge, I've got two king pillow cases of the peach, and two king flat sheets in it. Also have two king p/c's of the roses as well.

Awhile back Evelyn at UseTheLoot was clearing out some of her obsessioncollection of vintage bed linens. She was stuffing envelopes full of fq's and selling them off for a great price. I took full advantage. Thanks Evelyn! Aren't they pretty? I am no longer shopping for vintage thrifted sheets anymore. I'm done. ;-)

I have been slowly working on a quilt project, but life and spring (see comments ahead) is kind of taking priority. I finally figured out (I think) my machine - it needs a different size needle for quilting than it does for piecing. Halleluljah!

Spring is trying to peek through.... I've been making a very big effort to put exercise into my daily regime and have been walking 3.5km every other night. The dog has no clue what the heck has happened! LOL. My feet (not my legs) feel like they weigh 20 pounds when I'm out there though, I'm hoping that stage passes. I am so totally out of shape muscular wise - endurance wise I can handle it no problem...but I think this past year or two of figuring out my health has put me two steps back in the fitness dept. I need to be patient. This diabetes thing is a scary and tolling thing emotionally. Physically, it has shown me who's boss too, and I need to push back and show IT who's boss. That's where the exercise comes in - here's hoping I come out on top of it all....
Hope you all have a great week!!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Easter Weekend

My husband is on the mend...
I have cabin fever... (husband worked from home all week monopolizing the office and my computer addiction from 7 am to 6 pm ever. single. day.)
My sewing machine is causing me grief. (heard that one before, I know. My sights are beginning to set on a new one)

It's time to get away.
We're heading to Canmore, in the Rocky Mountains, for 2 days.

Hotel, check.
Pool, check.
Pool with waterslide, check.
Breakfast included, check.
Geocaching sites uploaded to gps, check.
Quilt shop mapped out, double check.