Friday, April 02, 2010

Easter Weekend

My husband is on the mend...
I have cabin fever... (husband worked from home all week monopolizing the office and my computer addiction from 7 am to 6 pm ever. single. day.)
My sewing machine is causing me grief. (heard that one before, I know. My sights are beginning to set on a new one)

It's time to get away.
We're heading to Canmore, in the Rocky Mountains, for 2 days.

Hotel, check.
Pool, check.
Pool with waterslide, check.
Breakfast included, check.
Geocaching sites uploaded to gps, check.
Quilt shop mapped out, double check.


  1. Anonymous 10:10 PM

    Enjoy your break away Andrea! Happy Easter and beware that gorgeous little quilt shop.... two floors!! just sayin. :)

  2. Oh, make sure you have the cash for shopping, that is a great shop! Have a good weekend. I'll wave as you drive by.

  3. Love Love Love that quilt shop in Canmore. have fun. Marilyn

  4. Have a great weekend...can't wait to see what comes home with you!
    Happy Easter.

  5. Sounds wonderful and a well deserved break!

  6. Andrea,

    That view is GORGEOUS! Enjoy yourself and have a Happy Easter!


  7. hope you have (had) a good time. Hope hubby had someting for the boys to do while you get lost in The Sugar Pine quilt store. It is a lovely shop! Happy Easter and safe travels

  8. Hey- did I see that you are a fellow winner at the Fresh modern Quilts giveaway? I got the exact loot I wanted- Color Your Cloth by Malka Dubrawski AUTOGRAPHED! Yay! I am super-excited.

    Hope the vacation went well. One of the girls at my orthodontist's office geo-chaches. (Is that even a word?) She says it's really fun.


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