Saturday, May 26, 2007

Wildlife on my commute

Well they're out in the fields again. And guess who just seems to pee and poo while I drive by again? Not daily, but enough for me to slap my forehead. Yep. the horse.

Also saw a few porcupines...although they were roadkill. Never seen a porcupine before in mylife! The quills look very cool. I want to stop on the side of the road and pluck one, but I think that may not go over very well with people I know.

Saw mama fox and her 2 babies too. Baby lambs and calfs are also dotting the scenic horizon. And in the concrete cookie cutter development I live, waddled a mama duck and her babies following behind her. I hope to god she wasn't lost. The lake is on the other side of the development. Unless she was coming to swim in my pond...

Oh yes, and the best wild life of all? The bugs. They are out. in full FAT force. The mosquitos are big, fat and ugly.

Dairy Farmers - increase your productivity please

because the gods out there have shown me heaven, and it comes from cows. Partially that is.

I just discovered ORANGE milk. Not chocolate milk, or strawberry milk. My new passion is ORANGE MANIA milk.

I secretly stop in at Sobey's every other day to indulge in my milk intake. I guess it's not a secret anymore.

OMG it's so fucking good.

Off to sobey's.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


So after that post, my husband comes home with news of two referrals for him to post on jobs back in BC.

We really hashed things out before and during dinner, trying to get to the bottom of my confusion. As usual, it's me trying to appease people and not to disappoint anyone. Taking Ethan to MY school for kindergarten would go against me wanting him to go to the neighbourhood school where he can meet the neighbourhood kids. Working 2-3 days a week would still entail me putting on the various concerts, as well as the Christmas concert, talent shows, airbands, music festivals, choirs etc. Except instead of fitting those practices into my 5 day work week like I have now, I'd be cramming them into the 2-3 days I'd be at work.

I know what my head is telling me. My heart just doesn't want to disappoint anyone. And my heart is filled with such gratitude for someone bending over backwards for I said, I feel very humbled about her doing all the flexible scheduling.

And what about me? How do I really feel about this situation. All I care about is not disappointing anyone or putting anyone out. How fucked up is that?


So my saga as to whether or not I return to work in the fall continues. I haven't posted much about because frankly it's a long winded whirlwind.

In a nutshell, I'm finding life way to overwhelming working fulltime, daycare, home, and a husband that travels at least one week out of the month.

So, I considered moving to part time (2.5.- 3 days a week), but then issue became of daycare costs...I'd still have to pay full time daycare for both kids, yet cut my salary in 1/2. That would work to be about 200 dollars a month that I'd take home in pay.

So now my principal again is working on me. She is so supportive and WANTS me. It's incredible. She's asked 2 other teachers who have music background at the school, if they will share the music teaching while I take a leave of absensse for a year at school, guaranteeing me a spot to come back to next year. She said if I took a year off, she really wanted me to apply directly back at the school.

Option 2 which we hashed out. Ethan goes to my school to kindergarten 2-3 days a week. (because it's a country school, kindergarten is full days there) Schedule the music schedule around the days that Ethan is at kindergarten. Then, only Cameron is going to daycare, and I don't have the worry of a nightmare bus thing for Ethan, as well as separation anxiety with Ethan (not MY anxiety, Ethan's)

I'm just so humbled at her flexibility and her willingness to keep me and work with me to get what I want.

I love the idea of working somewhat. I even told her about my thoughts of possibly moving back to Vancouver in the next year. She wants me still.

I feel very valued and very competent. I like that.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Body Functions

I must apologize about the amount of bodily functions in my's just that working with kids, it's the forefront of my mind.

Speaking of body functions, my eldest monster, er, son, has discovered how to burp. Now I don't know how much of it is discouraged at daycare, but I really don't think much at the moment, which ticks me off. He's also into pee poo and bum talk and loves the shock value of it all.

Is this the beginning of the boy nightmares I have imagined? Will it dwindle, or am I at the tip of the iceberg?

Refinnej?????? HELP!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Snot - Do I have to go there again?

Being a music teacher, I teach lots of fun singing games and dances as well as the typical instrumentation.

Today, while teaching the lesson in a circle formation, sitting on the form. I had a nose picker beside me. Dig dig dig, and cover your nose with the OTHER hand to hide the fact that you are picking your nose. Good move, little one. Nope, I don't see it, what a great way to hide your habit.

So in circle formation, we get ready to get up and start our game. Excavator is beside me, and is finishing off her business. She proceeds to wipe her hands on her dress and catches me watching her. I can tell she's got the deer in headlights look. Oh my gosh, she's thinking....she saw me picking my nose. DUH!!! So silently, as if she was trying to appease my disgust, and apologize telepathically to me, she brushes her hands together, gives them a wipe on her dress as if she's trying to smooth out the folds of her dress. *nicetrick* Then, she reaches over to me and holds my hand like the rest of the circle.

And I wonder why I've been sick for the last 7 months of the year.