Saturday, September 09, 2006


So this is how nutso I am. I am considering deleting my tribute post to Betty, because I'm worried that I'm offending people. What the... ?

So keeping to my conscious effort to not be wishy washy and not hold things in, I'm KEEPING the stupid post in.

I hope she doesn't think I'm badmouthing her. My post was rather more to elude how BORING my drive is to work. There are no crazy drivers here, hence Betty would need to switch gears and find something else to blog about.

Well there is one crazy driver here. Not a crazy driver, but crazy.


  1. What people? It's just you, me & Refinnej. lol And I'm not offended in the least, but even if I were, it's your blog, so I could just go fuck myself...figuratively...if I were offended, you know?

    Blog away Babe!

  2. Hey!

    Don't forget about me!

    And I laughed my ASS off, BTW.

    Where's my tribute post? ;)

  3. Ok, well it's the 4 of us then. Good way to "out" the lurkers, eh? He he he he he!

  4. I can now respond immediately! No delay! *happy dancing*

    A, you might want to consider putting that word verification dealy on here or you'll have every whackjob on the net trying to increase your penis size and get you a better mortgage rate. *rolls eyes*

  5. Hey, Betty, some of us want to have a larger penis.


    So here's 4 of us. I'd wager there's more lurkers...

  6. Well of course! We're so fucking interesting, how could there not be more????

    Out yourselves...lurkers. Yes, you do have to sign up, but only the once and then you can we know you wanna.

    Blah blah blah

    Maybe I should go write in my own blog. *giggle*

  7. you're all welcome to be here anytime. you make me laugh


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