Sunday, April 20, 2008

Somewhere Frickin Cold in Winter - IN APRIL

Geez louise. It's mid april. It was 24c last weekend. We were in the garden, in flipflops, shorts. Had a bbq and a fire at night. Even a few bugs showed their pretty faces. This week? Well, yesterday it started snowing, and it hasn't stopped since. We have at least 20 cm of snow, which is impossible to figure out because its BLOWING SIDEWAYS most of the time. Then being the weather addict I am (what else is there to interest me in this desolate place?) the weather networks has a big shiny flashing red banner across the screen stating a severe winter weather warning... Slightly East of us, the snowfall warning is for 40-60 cm with blowing snow and poor visibility...slightly north of us is a lot nicer with only 20-30cm. We're smack in the middle of it.


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