Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Would you rather live close to family and friends and live in an older smaller home or townhouse that needs lots of renos that you can't afford for awhile, alot more of a commute, higher taxes and cost of living? The place(s) we were looking at, including my dad's are minimum 550,000 for something that needs a LOT of work. Pros- close to my sister, brother and dad, and our friends too. I'd probably (maybe not)have to go back to work to support the extra vehicle we would need and the higher cost of insurance, gas, taxes. etc/

Or would your rather live practically mortgage free on a big property (possibly lake or ocean front) in a newer home with an easy commute..where you don't HAVE to work to pay the mortgage? But no family friends that you know... (a new city) A smaller city, but a new adventure?

Although nothing has come to fruition yet, it has gotten closer to really making us weigh in on these decisions. I really wish an answer was so definite for me. As a fence sitter, I now realize the impact of both sides of the fence eating away at me, instead of just one.


  1. I too am a fence sitter. It will all become clearer for you in time. The more you talk about it you will know what you want.

    Two years ago we too had to make the same decision and we choose to stay in Vancouver. Our life is harder because of this decision but it was the right one for us.

    You were so ready for your adventure to Alberta. How much more of an adventure do you want?
    How much do you miss family and friends?

    How happy will you be in a simple home? Trent has no time to do renos. Are you prepared to do the renos yourself or hire someone to do them?

    Smaller city vs bigger city is tough too. Are you prepared to work hard to find new friends in a new place? Bigger cities are just as hard to meet new people, even harder I think than a small town.

    Gas is $1.27 here this week.

    It snowed Friday, Saturday and yesterday. Today it is a beautiful day. Just perfect for Earth Day

    I am home sick today. Ellawynn is at daycare and I am truely feeling like I am getting some rest

  2. Is this still between BC and NS? Well I know which I would choose.

    I am not a fence sitter. Never have been. I make decisions fast and I very rarely have regrets. In fact never really. Life is too short. I do see life as an adventure and the way I look at things is that nothing has to be permanent. If things don't work out you can always move back - but you have always tried. To me the regret would be in not trying and always wondering 'what if'.

    I've never been tied to places and to me 'family' means Lloyd and my children. My extended family are always a phone call, an email, a webcam, a plane ride away....the world is such a small place these days because of technology and things like blogs etc keep family in touch so easily if you want them to. It's not the same of course but you can make it work if you want it to.

    I know my Mom sees what my children have here with the land, the animals, the quality of life, the pace of life etc and she KNOWS we did the right thing moving away.

    You'll make new friends - I don't think that needs to be an issue to worry you! I think where we live now is just a twilight zone ;) lol!

    I'm jealous - I wish I could move away before the end of the year!!!!! OMG I'd be GONE!!!!! Preferably south of the border though!!!

  3. I love Jane's attitude and perspective. She is someone I need in my life to give me a push.

    She is right about family. Your brother, sister and Dad will be fine and you can always visit or send your dad a ticket to fly east.


  4. Yes, she is a very wise woman :) I am always inspired reading her blog and all about her daily things. She's setting up a bee hive on her property, isn't that cool?

    Yes, I know my family will be fine. But again, I'm torn by the guilt of going even further away. We never had aunts, uncles, grandparents growing up, it was just the 5 of us, and I seem to be the one flying the coop. I just love change though, yk?

    We'll see what happens. Don't want to get too worked up about it, but still need to think about it as the interview is on Tuesday. It may not develop into anything, but if it does, we want to be prepared and have thought it over very carefully.

    I'm always so thankful of what amazing opportunities we get to live through... as stressful as it is, it's also really exciting too.


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