Monday, April 14, 2008

Daily appreciation...

1. The beautiful roses that my neighbours brought over on Friday night. A dozen roses, each a different colour/type. Roses aren't my favourite flowers, but I do love them and put into a bouquet to show how different and various they are, it made me really appreciate the beauty of each one. (pic to follow)

2. Trent always taking the time to say thank you for the things I do - even if it's hot dogs for dinner :)

3. The dreams that Trent and I conjure up and plan, often sacking our plans, but giving us things to strive for, and a common goal.

4. Cameron and Ethan's love for simple things in life, buckets, sand, and the backyard... Ethan found a ladybug yesterday in the garden and spoke softly to it and calmly and in to show me. Then he proceeded to "take her back home so she can take care of our garden..." *melt*

5. As weird as this sounds, I had someone post a comment from one of my January postings. Someone I had no clue who it was...but it was a nice comment. Instead of a driveby, and me wondering who the heck from xxxx was reading my blog, they posted a quick comment. So, it was appreciated, whoever you are Frank.

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  1. #4 made me smile! Sam cried yesterday because he squashed a ladybug by accident and killed it - it was in the hallways and he stood on it :( He was so sad and was lying on the floor trying to cuddle it saying 'I so sorry, I so sorry"!


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