Sunday, April 06, 2008

Spring Break

So before Spring Break I had no plans.. Monday and Tuesday were great for running errands and doing some backyard tidying (er poo removal yuk)

Then Lorena announced she was in town and she stayed over from Wed-Friday afternoon.

Friday afternoon I sped over to a show home furniture/accessories sale in a former showhome. I bought two lamps and some greenery. Everything was gone pretty quick.

Our friend Fiona from Calgary was coming Friday night till today - she was coming up for an animal rehabilitation course (oil spill rescue)

So it's been busy!

Yesterday I got my hair cut and coloured, finally, after 1.5 of not getting it coloured professionally. Why did I wait so long? It looks awesome now. I even felt like people were looking at me when I went to Costco afterwards lol. It must be my stunning new colour. Either that or they thought - geez she got a new straight iron didn't she :)

Today we're putzing around...I baked muffins, do some of my quilt, and probably head out to buy a straight iron. Those things rock (at least at the salon!)

roller coaster of emotions lately over a possible job in Nova Scotia, super duper opportunity...but we've buried the thought now, and continue to set our eyes on BC... unless of course, a job in the hot coastal waters of the USA pop up.

We had snow yesterday. Lots of it. And more predicted for tonight. I'm so not impressed.

And to think I shoveled dog poo, and it could have been covered for a few more weeks.

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  1. Oy. I hear you on the poo removal. ICK. And to have it snow again would really piss me off!!!


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