Thursday, March 27, 2008

Quilting stores

I've been to a few now and have learned that they all have their own sense of style and flavour, personality.

The one here in my community, is very country and traditional. I don't get the ooh and ahh feeling very much when I go there. I tend to go and look, and not get inspired. Lots of soft muted colours, and country flair.

Another one about 15 minutes away, is a mixed bag, really. A little more up my alley, but still a lot of folk and traditional styles...but they have branched out and have some more modern pieces in there.

Now one that I got super duper excited about was one called EarthlyGoods which is about 25 minute away. It was super. I got so inspired, it felt like i wanted to do every quilt there. Lots of bright colours, lots of fresh colours, odd mixes of colours like teal blue with lime green and pink which looks so amazing together and modern/contemporary looks. Art quilts, Japanese fabrics, a ton of batiks and of course my favourite retro looking lines Amy Butler ,Heather Bailey , Moda Fabrics

They even have a graduate program there for classes, is that not cool? Yeah, it's not a university, but you get "credit" for your courses and work up to getting a quilting degree. You must complete the basics like cutting, piecing, applique, triangles (blech), and then you work your way up into specialties like art quilting, fabric dying, embellishing, landscape desigin etc.

I was thinking about how the different stores really made me feel and how each inspired, or uninspired. The last one, really fit my personality and I'll be going back often.

How hokey is this post?


  1. Anonymous 6:35 PM

    It is only a little bit hokey but hey, a least YOU are posting. Cool that you have found inspiration though! - Betty

  2. :-)

    I agree with your "hokey" post. LOL! The local quilt stores are very "country" or "Northwoods" around me. Blech. But one very near my house does have some brights and I can usually find something to buy there... if I try really really hard. LOL! (That was sarcastic- I could find fabric at the grocery store.)

    I have enjoyed reading through your blog. Glad you signed up for the Quilt Festival and I found you!


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