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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Life is a roller coaster

Please keep an open mind and don't worry about any financial comittments from *******. It is impossible to know whether this opportunity is right from a career standpoint unless you meet J and D. Once you are excited about the role and the company you can then move to the next step to decide whether you want to come out to Halifax. If the interview was in Calgary you likely wouldn't even think twice about meeting them!

An email from my husband's headhunter, after Trent kindly closed the door of the opportunity.

Financial committments meaning..them flying him out for interviews, etc to Toronto.

Life is such a rollercoaster with my husband. It is so thrilling yet so frustrating too! I love the thrill of change and adventure...

Lorena received my package today, and called me crying. :) what a great feeling.

Someone scratched their head at me today when I posted about Costco granola. I mean, don't they know? I'm scratching my head at HER. She needs to go and get some. Sheesh. ;-)

My cat and dog won't leave me alone. Shatzi has this angular stare at the computer screen as the letters appear and scroll across the screen. Mandy sits at my feet and grumbles when I move.

Must feed the kids. It's raw night. Raw peas, daikon, celery, cucumbers and perhaps some chocolate milk. We had a late lunch today.

Cameron's just come rushing into the computer room grumbling I MADDDD. I maddd. So I say "is Cameron mad?" and then he replies with the hugest frown no mommy mad!