Friday, April 25, 2008

Crazy Life of Mine.

Our life goes like this - nice calm pace for months...and then whammo! Craziness! Here goes:

1. Trent has a hockey tournament this weekend, one game a day. It's for charity, and he loves to play, but I'm a little worried because he hasn't worked out / trained for this and I hope physically he'll be okay.

2. Tuesday, he flies to Toronto for his job interview.
Tuesday night, from Toronto he flies down to Myrtle Beach to spend time with his folks, golf, relax, and pick up the van we are buying from them.
(did I mention this? They were trading in their fully loaded 07 Quest to the dealer for a rock bottom price. We were thinking of trading in our suv for a minivan again later this year because we really miss the space. We stopped them and told them to hold off and sell it to us and we'd give them a better deal So we bought their van for a ridiculously low price....only caveat being that Trent's driving it back home, from SC!) So we're getting a fully loaded minivan for about 1/3 the price that they are selling up here. Selling our Pathfinder of course.)

3. Trent drives to Mason, Ohio to stop off and visit his sister for a few days. (13 hours from SC)

4. Trent drives from Mason to our home...about 31 hours, over a couple of days. This is where I worry, as it will be a long trip, long days and he will be alone. he will be fine, I know...but I do wish I could be the 2nd set of eyes, a driver for him to take a break for him on this long trip. I was thinking of flying with the kids to meet him in Ohio, and then driving all together back...but not sure what kind of nightmare trip that would be with the kids on such a long drive.

5. He gets back the weekend before I head to New York.

6. I fly to New York for 6 days. (yahoo!!!!) Feeling a little anxious about leaving the kids for that long though.

7. The weekend I get back, we're heading to Kananaskis for a company employee recognition retreat, family invited (finally!) for the weekend.

8. In this all we have 3 birthdays, mine included, mothers day, and a 40th wedding anniversary (his folks)

Luckily, we have opted not to buy the tent trailer at this time *rollingeyes*

Oh yes, and somewhere in there, perhaps may be a big decision of a current company job offer, or the company he's interviewing for?

So...yes... we go from quilting quilts, kindergarten trips and playground romps to... craziness.

I love it.

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  1. Certainly makes life interesting ;)

    New York soon!!! Woohoo :)


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