Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I have news!!!!

The baby fever has somewhat subsided!!! Hooray!!  Now, it's just a little twinge that is only apparant when I see soft pink minky fluffy fabric!

Need to quilt. Badly.   I have lots of time.  LOTS of it.  I cannot even make an excuse that i was cleaning or baking for Christmas.   I'm not in a Christmas mood, nor a cleaning mood.  I've been in this funk.  I go through it every couple of months where I'm just not into things.  

Dh's work has been a whirlwind once again and  making me slowly decline into a weird creepy lady.    November 28 was supposed to be the final date for announcements, then a week later..which the majority of announcements are made, and now here we sit, waiting for our announcement to come.   Goodd thing is he has a job.  

Christmas is coming.  I'm not in the mood.   It just causes clutter and stuff in my house which makes me batty.   I need clear, clutter free and bare to function well.  My dad is going on a month long cruise as of the 20th,  we're staying put in Edmonton, and dh's family is all going to Montreal to be together with a new and upcoming baby.
Feeling rather blah about it all.   Missing my mom lately as I hear all the Christmas music.  I'm not depressed about things, just disinterested.

I need to finish my quilt and then go and splurge on some fancy fabric from my favourite store.  That will always put me in a good mood.   Maybe I'll go buy some pink soft minky fabric.


  1. go for it - make yourself a snuggle blanket/quilt.

  2. Anonymous 9:40 PM

    Yeah, who says pink minky fabric has to be for a baby. Make yourself something to cuddle up with a good book and a glass of wine.


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