Thursday, December 03, 2009

Dear Santa....Our Wishlist Compilation

Here is a compilation of ideas and wishes from some of our fellow blogland quilters. At first I thought to myself, what the heck am I doing? This is alot of work! And then, as the ideas came in, I started to learn about new tools that I had no clue about! I will be printing this out and highlighting my fav's for my husband! on, click on links for photos and ideas, and I hope there's something there that can pique your interest and help your list grow.

The list of course, does not include everything and anything - just suggestions from you. The books and magazines list is small, and I know there are oodles more to choose from.

* disclaimer - I am not affiliated, nor do I get perks for linking up to these sites. I have no idea how to do that kind of thing. LOL. I've just done some searches through google, amazon and a few of my known online fabric shops. I have just linked them so you can view a photo of what the item is and become familiar with it.


Cutting Mats

  • 2"
  • 6"
  • 6.5"
  • 9.5"
  • 12.5"
  • 5" square
  • 9" square
  • Shape Cut Plus ruler - this looks really neat!
  • handle to attach to ruler - I found a few like this one, this one, and Evelyn suggested this one
  • Accuquilt Go! Okay..maybe pipe dream, but I would really really want to have one of these! I am a gadget kind of girl. ;-)
  • tape measures
  • new rotary cutting blades
  • a good seam ripper - the Clover Seam Ripper and this stand up seam ripper were suggestions
  • Kwik Klip - a tool for pin basting quilts -I want this!!
  • flat head pins
  • numbered pins
  • good quality scissors like the Gingher I've been hearing about
  • the Bernina Lady's Knife
  • Sewline fabric pencil
  • mini iron
  • sewing machine needles
  • iron
  • teflon pressing sheet
  • batting
  • thread, thread, thread. Good quality, quilting thread from the quilt shop. Cones of it. white, basic, varigated And not the cheapo stuff honey. You know when you tell me the difference between a good quality golf ball and a cheapo one? That the $7 ball STILL performs way better than the $1 ball, especially when it usually ends up in the water trap?
  • a design wall such as this one
  • shelving
  • totes and bins
  • folding tables
  • folding cutting table such as this one from Joann
  • folding sewing table such as this one from SewEzi
  • 20" pillow forms
  • magnets
  • size 36 and 45 buttons to cover
  • Ikea storage like this set of drawers
  • Ikea desk/table in shiny red
  • desk top Ott-lite

  • Dear Family, the number one thing that I want is TIME, uninterrupted, leave me alone, quilting time. Perhaps make a coupon book for me with time increments, where you take the kids out for the afternoon while I get to sew!
  • gift certificates to local quilt shops
  • gift certificates to online quilt shops such as this one
  • a trip to a quilting retreat ( I know a few of the local LQS have retreats and cruises that they organize...check your local LQS or your local guild)
  • someone to assist me in clearing out and setting up the unused room in the house
  • a dedicated sewing space
  • a Persian cat name Winston -lmao!!
Thank you for your ideas and suggesstions...I really do appreciate it. I'll be drawing a name later today!


  1. I would give up everything just for the time. Serioulsy.

  2. Thanks so much for doing this Andrea, and for the links, awesome! I am printing this off now.

  3. If you are looking for the worlds best seam ripper--you must get the one from Lee Valley tools. There are stores in Edmonton and Calgary and they are on line. It is a surgical blade in a nice little box,so you don't exsanguinate yourself. i have one and it is amazing

  4. i love this, what a great idea

  5. Thanks for compiling this. So glad I found your blog!

  6. I love your...last but not named Winston - that is such a riot!!!


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