Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Quilting Christmas Wishlist - giveaway too!

Okay everyone...this is pretty basic.   We're all posting about gifts we're giving to others. Now for once, let's be greedy little sewists and post what we WANT for Christmas from our loved ones.   No, I'm not talking about love, peace, family time.  I'm talking tangible items that will help our loved ones find a gift that we will love.    See?  We're still giving and helping others, only this time, it's ideas for us.... 

Last night, my dearest husband was asking me what I'd like for Christmas.  I told him to go to a quilting shop and find things there.  

 *blank stare, blinking quickly*  
Kind of like me when he starts to talk about some kind of hockey play.   LOL.

So,  in honour of my dear husband, spouses, family members around the world.  Let's make a list of desired crafty/sewing/quilting items that we would love to have under our tree.  Tools, accessories, fabrics, threads, organizers....  I'm going to state the obvious - yes, we'd all desire a new machine, let's get that out of the way! 

I'll keep this open until Tuesday evening, December 1. 
I will compile a wishlist for you of all of the suggestions, and post it on my blog, by Wednesday or Thursday. I have no clue how big or little this may turn out.

Please come back and see what others are wishing for.  Perhaps there are some ideas that you hadn't thought of.    Trust me, your family and friends will love you for this!

**If you have links or websites, please include them.  I'll link them in my final list compilation.  Any suggestions, please email me!  I'd be happy to hear from you!

Now go. Get to it.  Make your lists and check them twice!   Andrea's going to giveaway to someone who's really really nice!   

*giveaway you ask?  yes...something nice.  Perhaps a few fq's. Haven't decided yet.  


  1. The only thing I really want is some space and TIME to sew. But if pressed, I would love a collection of rulers in different sizes 6 inch, 6.5, 9.5, 12.5 etc... And a lazy susan cutting board.

  2. I whole heartedly second Cheryl's comment for more TIME, but seeing that Santa won't be able to wrap that and put it under the tree...

    I also need some rulers...9.5 and 12.5 would be a great start.

    I would really love the entire Hope Valley line..1/2 yard cuts.

    new rotary blades

    a new design wall since mine is so small.

    Gwen Marstens book "Abrstract Quilts in Solids".

    "Material Obession 2"

    new thread...something good, and maybe a decent lesson on what makes a thread 'good!'.

    and if it is not too much, every print of Henna Garden by Sandi Henderson...and I will settle for the new colors in Meadowsweet.

    also, more size 36 and 45 buttons to cover...and daughter and I are addicted to covering buttons!

    a few 20 inch pillow forms.

    a wide variety of Kona solids...any color will do.

    a surprise stack of purple fabric, i find that I have about a total of one yard of purple fabric.

    Thanks Andrea, can't guarentee I won't come back and add to my list!

  3. Completely all the Kona plain cotton range.
    Greedy huh?!

  4. I totally agree with a nice selection of solids!
    Also shelving or totes or bins-storage is definitely lacking in my sewing area!
    A good seam ripper! Not a cheap one that the lid cracks on...
    2" wide ruler
    So many different fabrics I wouldn't know where to begin, so I'm settling with telling my family to get me gift cards for my favorite LQS!

  5. I would love one of JOoann Fabric folding cutting tables. My cutting table now is my kitchen table so I'm limited to times during the day when no one is preparing anything to eat (we have no excess countertop area) and it's clean. I have to constantly move the big mat and strips, etc. If I had a portable table I could set it up and leave it somewhere until I was done cutting.

  6. As I always tell my kids you can wish for anything, but you never know what Santa will bring
    Here is my wish list:
    *sewing table with drop down area for machine
    * flat head pins
    * numbered pins
    * go on a quilting retreat (know of any in Alberta?)
    * one day a month where all I have to do is driving, no refereeing (did get this for mother's day, but I want more of them)
    * any fabric will do, I love to add to the stash
    * sewing room, not the corner of the basement, although it is a lovely basement.
    *subscription to Quilting Connection
    * more Elm Creek books
    * mini iron
    think that is about it, but i would enjoy any quilting related item.

  7. Well, my list could happily accommodate 99% of everything mentioned above, so those I would not repeat.
    * A subscription to Quiltmania (both regular and out of series issues);
    * Lazy Susan cutting board (I know it was mentioned but I really, really want it);
    * All books of Yoko Saito, preferably translated into English;
    * Fat quarters (do you sense restrain here, I could have asked a meter ;-)) of 37 Japanese taupe fabrics;
    * A selection of wool felt to start a wool stash;
    * ... maybe I better stop here, otherwise I shall end up in Dream Land (btw there is a shop called so here in Belgium, unfortunately it does not sell anything quilt/patchwork related )

  8. Oh I love this. I only wish DH would take notice of lists provided lol. Let me see..

    - Someone to help me clear out the spare room so I could set my sewing machine up permanently
    - If the above is not available then a folding sewing table with inset for sewing machine ala
    - A nice selection of plain fabrics
    - I agree with the above comments regarding more TIME
    - Joel Dewberrys Deer Valley Collection
    - 45mm Rotary cutter blades

    I think that's it for now. I'm sure there's more but can't think off hand.


  9. Dear Santa
    Please bring me @ 1 large cone of white thread,
    Japanese fabs (no restraint at all) at least a yard of each..mushrooms, gnomes, funny little deer, taupes, luciens !
    some nice linen pieces in gray, charcoal, and all shades in between,
    and a persian cat names Winston please...
    thank you, Elaine

  10. I Love jelly rolls. But somehow, I tend to feel I should do something else with $, if I had two or three of those cuties, I would start into some fun stuff, ya know?
    Oh, and don't you love gift cards to your LQS?
    But, let's not talk about how much fabric is already residing at the Davis' house....
    :-} pokey

  11. I'm in- I need a new large cutting mat. The Olfa preferably. My old one is so warped I get crooked blocks. And the kids broke inches 1-9 off of it, so that makes it a bit difficult to use.

  12. I would love some hard to find Heather Ross fabrics,or any funky cool fabrics, sewing machine needles, flat head pins, an awesome iron, and of course, more TIME!

  13. I like everyone's suggestions so far.

    I do need a bit of all the solids and I love the Kona cotton.

    I also need a few more rulers to finish off my set.

    I would also like lots of threads. Bunches of white and then some in all the colors. I would love to try some variegated threads also.

    I just recently mentioned the lazy susan cutting mat to my daughter. Maybe she will remember :)

  14. I would like a new self mending cutting mat. And some thread. And a few cutting squares, 9" and 5".

  15. I would LOVE the following:
    Flora and Fauna by Patty Young
    Meadowsweet by Sandi Henderson
    Love by Amy Butler
    rotary blades
    thread, thread, thread and no cheap-o Walmart Stuff!

    Okay, that should do it -- but I don't think anyone in my family will see this. It was fun though, thanks!

    Come enter my Moda Bake Shop giveaway at

  16. Ohhhh, all of the above (except the cat called Winston for Elaine!) plus a big fat gift voucher for the Fat Quarter Shop and thread. Yep, definitley thread, lots of thread.....sigh! I've been good Santa, really I have...

    p.s. I wouldn't mind a new quilting machine either.....another sigh!!

  17. Hi Andrea, what a cute post idea :)
    What would I like for Christmas...hmm lots of time to sew, thread like everyone else lol - to get my UFO's finished, I would also Love fabric, a new machine (my SIL just bought a pfaff and I LOVE it!), my new studio to be complete so I can setup there and get lots done and to be with amazing quilters on retreats and learn, laugh and sew...
    PS thanks for your comments

  18. Anonymous 2:48 PM

    I really like the thread idea. Otherwise, all I need at the moment is time, just like everyone else. :)

  19. I saw a couple cool tools at a quilting retreat recently...

    The first was a handle to attach to your ruler, but it wasn't the expensive $20 one that you can get at fabric stores, it was this $8 one from Harbor Freight. I'm going to buy one for myself!

    The second was this stand-up seam ripper that you use to snip between pieces after a long session of chain piecing - it was really handy!

    I really enjoyed reading all the other comments!

  20. Anonymous 8:02 AM

    I want Fabric, and more fabric. I also want batting and thread. And a new sewing machine

  21. I already have two but you ladies may find this helpful a clover seam ripper... They are wonderful once you try it you ll just find you want to give them to all the sew-ers you know. Melisa

  22. What a fun idea! Let's see...I'd love some fabric, fabric, and fabric. Also batting! And thread! And a quilting ruler! And a countertop so I could set up a sewing station in my storage room. Oh, and fabric.

  23. I will probably not be able to resist buying these by then. I am trying to set up a better sewing situation for myself. I need to replace a folding buffet table for cutting and designing ( ); an IKEA Antonius rolling cart for fabric storage ( ); and, a shiny red hot rod desk from IKEA ( ). Can you tell that I LOVE IKEA!? :D Oh, and a giant pinnable cutting mat ( ), if JoAnn can get their site working, and a giant teflon sheet ( ). And, some modern style graphic fabric. And, some of Laura's hand dyes ... fabrics and threads ... yum! ( ) ... Uh oh, I might have opened up the flood gates. ;)

  24. Another for the list Andrea ... gorgeous Ginger Scissors just posted on the spool blog ( ).

  25. What I really would like for Christmas is one of those really large cutting mat at Joann's. I always find it rolled up sitting inside a box on the floor near the cutting table. The next thing I really would like is a desk top ottlite.

    Merry Christmas:)

  26. Am I too late?? I have a wish for christmas ... just a little bit of the midnight sunspots by amy butler, and maybe a little bit of the woodland delight. I've been good!!


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