Friday, October 30, 2009

Luke....I am your boots.

My boys LOVE StarWars right now.   So, lucky me,  I was given a little boy's Darth Vader costume for my little guy, and my big guy wants to be Luke Skywalker.  

I was excited to sew garments again.  Fabric shopping was another ADD experience for me. OOOh wouldn't that paprika colour be a great winter coat for me?  OOOh, that would be great fabric for a simple dress for the Christmas gala this year.  

A little nattering voice inside me, however, kept reminding me of last Halloween.  Same pattern of excitement.   Stoked to start.  Couldn't wait to finish.   Garment sewing is not my favourite.

But alas, Luke is complete.   After a bit of an 'itchy' problem with the wool fabric,  I whipped up an undershirt to go under his tunic, and we're all set.  I felt like I was on Project Runway sometimes, the way I altered and created!  

More photos tomorrow of the whole costume, as 'Luke' is at school right now.   But I did manage to snap a pic of the boots I made for him.  
Done in faux suede, fitted over a pair of his rain boots.  I sewed strips together in rows to get that layered effect like the original Luke boots.


  1. Oooh, clever you! The boots are fabulous! Garment sewing is tough, not really my thing either but I have now made two mostly-acceptable dresses so my confidence is building.

  2. These are awesome Andrea!


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