Friday, October 23, 2009

Ikea trip...

So off I go to Ikea with my husband and kids.  Kind of a date you know...drop the kids off at the playroom (free babysitter for an hour!) grab a coffee and browse the store!  Bliss!
I found oodles of things...and came home with one little stainless steel holder for utensils.  *rolleyes*   You see, it was one of those days, where the stuff you want is only partially there...the rest is sold out.  So, I am the type of person who can't buy just part of it and wait until it restocks.  I wait until the whole set is back in stock.  Thus, I came home with one thing.    But in my ideas and dreams, there were many cabinets and shelving units bubbling around.  I have a few drawings to keep my ideas in my head, so next week, my walls will fill with things.  So, I came home and did an ikea sewing room search.  And came upon this beauty:

Ikea Sewing Room 

Isn't it fantastic?  

The only problem is... that cutting room table with all of the lovely drawers?   $800 here.  And seriously.  Do I want a pretty cutting table, or put the money towards a better machine?   

I could look at that room all day.  

***edited to add... I'm trying, really trying to add more photos in my blog.  But I just couldn't add my exciting food purchase at ikea.  My husband treated me to $2.50 meal.  Can you feel the romance?   Oh... it is...


  1. Yeah, that Ikea sewing table is faint worthy! I wondered today how your project was coming along...I am swimming in clutter and wanted to see some progress in your corner of the world! soon!

  2. Sounds nearly blissful! I joke :) Go for a machine and the space will fall into place with nice pieces here and there!

  3. wow, major studio envy over that picture. Thanks for sharing!


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