Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Keeping it real..

I so aspire to be one of those sewists. You know, the ones who whip out a project a day? It isn't happening here. I'm in awe at how many projects they complete. They obviously don't have healthy television habits like mine - Days of Our Lives, Oprah, Oz, and the news...Glee, Ugly Betty, and 90210 just entertain me. ;-)

I have been busy though - while I wait for Suki to arrive.

I have a Christmas quilt on the go, and I tried, tried, tried to replicate my wallet which I love. I need to plan and measure better. But I did end up with a little wallet - a tad too small for my cards, but I decided it would make a nice pantyliner keeper for those just incase days. You know, when you want to have a happy period.

Did I just say panty on my blog?
and period?


  1. Seriously? A pantyliner keeper? Mine float around loose in my "purse" (I use that term loosely as it's more of a "bag of candy wrappers and receipts with some good stuff in it, too") until the wrappers come off and then they fall out and embarrass me at work. Also they get very dirty and I wonder if it's safe to use them but then I end up with an "emergency" and I have no choice, so I do, although I do cringe at the time. (Wonder if that explains the frequent yeast infections?)

    (Did I just say "yeast infection" on your blog?)

  2. LOL you did? I always try to slow myself down when I'm trying to come up with some spectacular so I try to measure twice and cut once, but like you, I want to be one of those women too :)


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