Thursday, November 12, 2009

Suki has arrived!

Everyone...please welcome my newest family member, Suki.    I adopted her from my neighbouring province, and she's beautiful.  She found me through the Juki Yahoogroups....someone couldn't use her anymore and went on to bigger and better machines. The owner thought I may be interested, since I posted my interest in purchasing new locally and couldn't find a Juki dealer.

Suki arrived here at 9:30 am.   It of course is a story in itself.  

It's a week off for the kids, so we've been slow on getting ready in the morning.  Naked in all my glory, about to step into the shower, the doorbell rings.   All I hear are the stomps of the rush of two boys feet (with only underwear on) on the hardwood and the clicking of the dog's nails...and the announcement barking.   The stampede to the door.   I'm upstairs shouting DON"T OPEN IT!!!!  I"M NAKED!!!!!     Panicking...of course, because anyone coming to the door is a novelty. Still.    

I rush to put my jeans and t-shirt underwear or bra *shudder*  Imagine.  No. don't.    I greet the mailman, finally, and you can see the confusion in his eyes as he had to wait a minute or two with two underwear clad boys and a dog smooshing their faces at the side door window, waiting for me. 

She's here! I can't wait to try her out!  

My boys are very excited... they want to find out what that red button on the speed control foot is all about (the thread cutter)


  1. Welcome home Suki. A fun blog, Andrea. Thanks for giving me the link. I have a 5 yr.old Grandson with the same outfit and he loves Star Wars. The light saber is a big hit.

  2. what fun! congratulations on the new machine...and just in time for the newly organized craft space!

  3. Welcom home little cuties..good luck. And good luck keeping your boys away from it :)
    Enjoy your new toy

  4. Enjoy your new machine! Congrats:)

  5. ms.ozzbot 1:03 AM

    You make me laugh. I love the imagery you just created. I have no idea what a Suki is but I know she will be well used and loved. Thanks for the evening chuckle.

  6. ms.ozzbot is me


  7. How exciting! Congrats on your new machine :) I'm sure the postman wasn't too disgruntled - lol

  8. I have two Juki's. Love them both!


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