Monday, October 19, 2009

lucky duck...

Do you ever wonder if you'll ever ever ever win?  I was beginning to.  And then I did!

Beth was hosting a giveaway of two patterns and a sweet treat of 1.5" strips...and I won.I love the oranges and greens in these fabrics!!  The art quilt design is so pretty...Hooray!  Thanks again, Beth!  

I've actually won another giveaway (!!), but haven't heard from the poster yet, and don't want to seem too anxious about it.   She just got back from quilt market and I'm thinking it's a whirlwind time for her right now.   I'll post about it when I hear more.  

In other news...I got back from Vancouver from a FABULOUS Thanksgiving weekend trip.  But of course, came down with some kind of flu/cold whatever it may be.  It's almost gone now, but now I'm in catch up mode. 

I went thrifting today and found a really special deal.  Here's a sneak peak.... can you see the date on this gem?

Here's another hint:

...more later.


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