Monday, October 12, 2009

Thankgiving Day

We have travelled for 12 hours by car to be with family in Vancouver for Canadian Thanksgiving Day/weekend. It's been amazing and so soothing for our souls and for our heartstrings. On the bad's in the middle of Quilt Festival, and I have limited access to email/computer time, so I cannot respond individually right now to your comments. I will do so by the end of the week.

Please know how much I value and treasure your comments and your visits. They motivate me, and make me feel so wonderful knowing there are so many wonderful other quilters out there.
We're an amazing community and I'm so thankful to have found this 'outlet'.

I will be by to check out your blogs and comment later on the week...thanks for stopping by!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving. cold and grey still in Alberta so you aren't missing much, maybe some more snow today, yuck. Drive home safely

  2. I'm a follower of your blog and somehow missed that you too are Canadian. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Stumbled upon your blog, and your posts have made me laugh! I'm from BC but husband's work recently moved us to the US, and I can totally relate to missing BC! Love your quilts too:)


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