Monday, November 23, 2009

It's just all wrong...

I'm really happy with my sewing skills and how it turned out.  Quite proud of the way the collar turned out and everything.  But it just doesn't look good on me.  If I had a professional fitter, perhaps to give it more shape or something.  Perhaps (well, I know for sure) my body just doesn't look good lately, and this doesn't flatter me.  It's boring.


I do have a backup outfit to wear.   I had a wonderful pity party with myself last night, after working all weekend on the thing.   Beating myself up over the fact that I used up all of that time and nothing to really show for it.   Anyone need embroidered taffeta?  

So, it's confirmed.  I do not like sewing garments.  At all.    The cost of clothing is well worth the price, and the time consumed constructing a garment.  I think in the back of my head I knew this project wouldn't work.  But I plowed through anyways.

I guess I wanted to see if branching out from quilting may be something to explore again - I used to love sewing clothes as a teenager.  Not anymore.    I love those cute bags that everyone makes, but I'm a solid colour leather/pleather kind of girl.  Back to quilts.

In other news - if you have PAX tires on your vehicle or plan to get a vehicle with PAX tires.  Don't.   What a load of crap.   Three sets of pax tires now on my 07 minivan.  With only 60,000 miles.   They only last about 20,000 miles!  

Question - while at my LQS the other day I was perusing flannel.   I asked the difference about flannel there vs my other fabric store that sells flannelette in those cute kid patterns.  I got the eye roll and lecture about quality and pilling.    Is this true?  

Truth be told, in my Christmas quilt (pics soon!) I used a combo of LQS prints and big store prints and could tell a difference in the hand of the fabric, the density of the weave, and the slight stretch in the cheaper quality stuff.   So I was just wondering if anyone had experiences, good or bad with flannel vs flannelette.

*sigh* I need to lose weight.  This insulin thing has made me gain weight back quite rapidly over 6 months.  My "move to Edmonton" weightloss was not really weightloss, but me being very sick, and now that I'm getting healthy again, so is the scale.  :(  Feeling very upset and low self esteem about it lately.  Anyone know how to get out of the funk?   oh yeah. my treadmill.

wow...verbal topic diarrhea today!


  1. I am with you on sewing clothes. I see patterns and have to remind myself that I will curse the day I decide to try it again.

    And I am so with you on the health and weight front. My health has been horrible lately with one thing after another. And my weight is creeping up and up. I finally have to decide that the two are not inextricably linked. In other words, I can't blame my health for my fat ass. So I was up at the gym this morning and I am trying really hard not to eat candy today. Or at least, eat less of it. Good luck!

  2. My inlaws had the run flat tires and then for their second set of tires got the new rims/wheels whatever so they use regular tires spendy otherwise!

  3. Amen on sewing clothes. I made my own clothes for years, and almost never really liked anything I made. It's so hard to fit yourself and to predict the drape of the fabric, etc. So don't beat up on yourself. It's a beautiful jacket.

    I can amen on the weight part too, but I'll spare you.

  4. Sorry about your outfit, it looks nice on the hanger...I have never tried to make clothes, but I think about it.

    I do however moan and gripe alot about my weight...trying to get up early to work out...just doens't seem like enough hours in the day! Thanks for your post.

  5. Oh, I HATE making clothing. I like the fabric you chose, though. The only clothing I will make is pajama pants.

    And I say don't bother with the dieting until after Christmas. We are what we are. Just EMBRACE the chunk.

  6. I've sewn lots of garments, but they are a pain usually! I still call my mom trying to figure out the awkward wording. Love the fabrics you used though :) I feel like the extra winter pounds are coming - making good choices is hard, and I only walk outside, and it has gotten really cold :( If you want to you can do it though - just have to be conscience about what is going in constantly!

  7. I love sewing - but I usually buy the "easy" Vogue patterns or the "sew simple" type patterns from Butterick and Simplicty (you know, the kind you buy to learn on when you're in highschool home ec class? Yes, those - even though I have 30 years of sewing experience lol!) and they are, as advertised, simple to do and you get a hassle-free really great result if you pick nice fabric. I get tonnes of compliments on my home-made clothes and if you find a pattern you like, you can make it up in lots of different fabrics and gussy it up in different ways with sleeves and collars and colour blocking and belts and so on, that even though you're making a dress or suit that you've made so many times you could practically make it in your sleep - it always looks new and different. Try that and maybe you'll enjoy making clothes again!

    Flannel vs. flannelette - yes, the flannelette has issues! It shrinks more, fades faster, and wears through more quickly. Sadly, not a good idea.

    On the other hand, I bought some French flannel a number of years ago (holy COW was it expensive - $20 a yard or something); but it's BEAUTIFUL. Feels like silk now that it's been washed a billion times, hasn't faded one iota (I know this because I still have some of the original yardage) and didn't shrink at all. However, if you're going to buy flannel at $20 a metre, make sure you really, REALLY like the product you make with it. lol


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