Friday, November 27, 2009

Christmas Gems...

My quilt top is finished, finally.   Does anyone quilt like this? 
Turn light on to sewing machine..
Mom, can you change the wii game for me please?  (go do it)
Sit back down. Sew a seam, a partial seam.
Mom, can you help me with this part of the game?
Cat is trying to get under, er, rearranging my layout.  
Forget to put iron on. Wait for it to heat up.
Phone rings upstairs.  
Sew another partial seam.
Mom, I'm hungry.   
Iron is on auto shut off mode now.  need to wiggle it to heat up again.
Mom!!!  I'm dooonnnneee!  (going to the bathroom...needs 'help' if you know what  I mean)
Iron seams.
Go check clock.   Shoot - we need to run and pick up big guy from school!
Turn iron off.  Machine off. sewing goes in snips and snippets.   But, it's my life, and one day, I'm sure, I'll be wishing for the little ones 'needing' me all the time.   

Next, need to quilt it together, and deciding on a binding colour.  Red? Green? Dots?


  1. All the time! My cat likes to sleep under my ironing board. When she stretches out I end up stepping on her. My kids will walk past their dad to ask me to help them with something. I love dots, and I love red but for some reason I am going to say go green!

  2. oh this quilt looks great. I tend to walk away from the sewing maching if i can't sit in peace and quiet...congrats on working thru the chaos. I would probably vote dots for the dots.

  3. Love the quilt. You had to be committed to finishing it! Someone always has a better way for you to be spending your time....

  4. Wow, sounds like you're trying to sew in MY house! I've not gotten used to sewing in five-minute-increments but I'm getting closer to making it work. I finally understand why quilters say they hate the auto shutoff on irons!
    Anything with white dots would be a winner for the binding. Or red, or green... It's another beauty, you have such a great eye!

  5. Ahaha! You must have the same children I do!

    My vote for the binding is red and white candy cane stripes. I love the quilt! It's so bright and fun.

  6. Well my three children are pretty much grown up now and it's the same story ....STILL! Now I have to go see why the dog is throwing up, answer a phone call from son #1 asking for a recipe, give son #3 a ride somewhere, help son #2 balance his checkbook. My new sewing machine has the needle up/down feature and I love it! Great for constant interruptions in the middle of seams.

    Any binding will great, it's such a beautiful quilt.

  7. That sounds like everyday. You forgot to record the number of sighs that go with that.

  8. didn't realize my kids were at your house today!! doesn't matter what age it still happens. I have so much to get done, but keep getting called into work, ugh! which cuts into my sewing time.


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