Monday, October 05, 2009


I found someone's stash this weekend....all for$40.

Now, after rummaging through the boxes, I'm wondering if I paid too much for it, as there is alot of stuff in there I probably won't use.   But, I'll go through it and donate the rest, I guess.  Lesson learned.  But when you read an ad that says 10 boxes of quilting cottons for $5 each, I kind of got excited.  And when you arrive at the house, you get excited, and nervous, and I'm not the kind of person that says, um no...this just won't work for me. 

But lots will work.   

I'm dreaming about a juki machine and a frame....went to the creative stitches show (like a sewing trade show) this weekend and found my thing.  


  1. Wow, that's a LOT of fabric! Email me, maybe I can buy some of your castoffs or we can swap or something.

  2. what a fun fun purchase! I am always up for a swap too! I bought some 'old' fabric at a tag sale last weekend and Im surprisingly pleased with "most" of it.

  3. Lucky find you have there! I had my lucky find at Value Village a few weeks back. Thimbleberries fabric that all coordinated. I have the top done from it just have to sandwich and quilt it.

  4. keep it Andrea! Use it for swaps, gifts, paint box quilts, strip quilts, etc, use it for fillers around the the stuff you adore. Your trash is someone else's treasure!
    psst. click on the link.

  5. oh you could also open an etsy shop and cut what there is into fat quarters, or scrap bags and sell them. The possibilities are endless.


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