Sunday, September 20, 2009

Two very different books from the library...

I love my library.  I was the first one to reserve and sign out the new Material Obsession book!

While I love leafing through the book and ooh'ing and ah'ing all of the photos and getting pretty ideas about new modern fabrics in traditional quilt settings, I found myself still craving to learn more about the art part of quilting.  I think I'm starting to branch out more with improv and colour theory right now.  Yes, I know I need to practice what I learn, but anyone who knows me knows I research things endlessly... 

So, while at the library, I picked up this book
This book was very informative.  Don't let the cover fool you into thinking it's about landscape quilting.  It is not.  I am still reading it, but I'm learning alot about a different way of piecing and quilting.    There's alot of information about colour theory,  making improvisational blocks, overlays  and adding dimension - and how to do it, with simple projects to practice the concept. The author's website has some wonderful ideas as well... check out the gallery! 
I'm really enjoying this read, and learning alot from it.  It's not just about photographingand showing off beautiful quilts, it's about the process... 

Are there any books that totally inspire you?   Do you find that your quilting interests or style waxes and wanes?  

 I started out really loving anything to match home decor.  Then onto bold bright primary and gemstone colours (think Laurel Burch style).   Then I discovered the modern quilting and the modern fabrics with lots of white sashing and simple, traditional blocks.   I'm still very into modern, simple blocks and I love solid colours.   But now my interest is leaning again towards improvisation.    And yet, I'm not a large producer of quilts.   I just love learning about the process, trying it out and doing/learning something new.  

 I'm not a multiple quilt generator, wanting to become a famous blogger, or a famous pattern maker, or even a famous quilter.... I just want to learn all about the art form and let my creativity evolve through my research.  


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