Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Finger Lights

Okay...seriously. I'm still trying to figure out why or how a blue, green or red led light would be helpful to someone quilting?
And then the other thing... how will this help me with my hand stitching?

These were 16.95 at my LQS. LED finger lights. Except for the velcro vs elastic finger band, they are exact replicas of the ones I bought for my son's birthday party at the dollar store. for a dollar. ONE dollar for four lights.

Has anyone used these for stitching? I have used them for star wars light saber and dark room battles. If you need advice on that, just let me know.

Maybe I should buy out the dollar store and open up my own etsy shop and re-market them. LOL.


  1. They sell these at Restoration Hardware too! How funny.

  2. Anonymous 6:00 PM

    Oh funny! I got those for my ds' loot bags, too, at the dollar store.

  3. I've never seen these! Ill have to check out my local dollar store! although I think it might be more handy for the kids vs. quilting!

  4. Funny. It is all marketing, ya know.
    Who would have thought Snuggy would do so well, COME ON!!

  5. My son and nephew have these. I would have never thought of them for quilting. Funny, how things can be repackaged.

  6. Good grief! I've thought for a long time how so much quilting stuff is a rip-off, but this really takes the cake.


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