Friday, September 18, 2009

Crochet or Knit, which is easier?

I'm going to give it a go again. I need to do something while I'm 'relaxing' watching my new fall tv shows.   I just can't be a couch potato and not do something at the same time. 

So which is easier...crochet or knitting?   Does the yarn make a difference?  If so, please give me some suggestions...


  1. I've been doing Tunisian Crochet (also called the afghan stitch). It's crochet but the loops stay on the hook so you work a forward and a return without ever turning the work around. Easy-peasy and loads of good tutes on the Net. I took a crochet class last spring and told the instructor she should start folks with this before even teaching single crochet! It makes a pretty, tight, almost woven-looking fabric and is nearly mindless. If you're interested and want a few URLs let me know.

    Be warned, however; yarn is every bit as addicting as fabric is!

  2. I have no idea. I have never knitted, and am only capable of chain stitch with my crochet. (I could make a huge loooooong string I guess...)

    I embroider while I watch t.v. I keep whatever I am working on in an ice cream bucket with scissors and thread so that I can take it with me anywhere. (I take it to the bus stop every day while I wait for my son.) I usually only embroider quilt squares, but I have embellished jeans or other clothes before.

  3. Oh! Or I hand quilt if I have something that warrants it.

  4. Anonymous 11:32 AM

    Depends how old you are and how your thumbs are feeling. I do both and as I get older the crocheting hurts my thumbs. Go for knitting
    marilyn in Nakusp

  5. I'm a beginning knitter and I tried hard to enjoy crochet, but didn't. I do enjoy knitting and the variety of things that can be made. Give it a go with something easy like a wool scarf before you invest much into it.

  6. I have been a knitter since my Grandma taught me - I was 15 - I won't get into how long ago that was but you get the picture :) Knitting is easy once you get the hang of it and same goes for crochet (which I still consider myself a beginner at). Just do small projects in the beginning - when I started knitting I made a blanket of squares in different patterns and then stitched them together. For crocheting I learned to make those easy dischloths with the handicrafters cotton - super easy and they are useful too! Good luck! Any knitting questions fire them my way I'd be happy to help answer them.

  7. Hi Andrea,
    I can't help you with your dilemma, but I know someone who can. Her name is Dawn at
    She does such beautiful work. I didn't tell her I was sending you over there, but tell her I said Hi.


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