Tuesday, November 14, 2006


All my life, since the beginning of my periods I have never experienced PMS...nor have I experienced cramps, etc. Maybe the odd headache and cravings for food during my period, but not mood swings, depression, anger etc.

After my 2nd child, I feel like that has changed. How can that change? I don't know if it's PMS< but it occurs about a week before...I've been tracking for a few months now, because I find myself in a rage at times, and I look down at my little pill package and lo and behold it's about a week before the bitch sets in.

I find myself getting very upset at things that dh does, and my anger threshold is very little. I really have to control myself in front of the kids, especially ethan, as anything he does can trigger me to yell.

Could this be pms,or is this just the stresses of life taking over me? How do I get rid of it? I do not like the person I morph into around that time. Need to give warnings to dh about this next time.

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